Colts super thin at corner

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky INDIANAPOLIS - Matt Cassel may have his best chance to do a Tom Brady imitation yet tonight against the Colts, who are without three of their top four cornerbacks.

    The question becomes how well Indianapolis will be able to scheme to cover up the deficiency, and how creatively they may be able to use Melvin Bullitt. Bullitt showed well as the fill-in for Bob Sanders the last five games as Sanders recovered from ankle and knee injuries.

    Will we see Bullitt come on the field as the fifth defensive back?

    That should amount to one of the significant early storylines of the night.

    Colts receiver Reggie Wayne, hurt last week, limtied this week at practice by a knee injury, is slated to start.

    The roof and end zone window at Lucas Oil Stadium are open and it's the sort evening that justifies having both.

    Talk to you after kickoff.

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    Colts could be screwed this game.
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