Colts maintain control of top Wild Card slot

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky While the Colts staff is surely working at a quicker pace formulating a game plan for Thursday night in Jacksonville, players enjoyed a Monday off and trying to accelerate recovery from the win over Detroit.

    The Colts have a variety of routes by which they can seal up their playoff spot, but the simplest is to win in Jacksonville.

    Indianapolis remains in control of the AFC's top Wild Card berth and the No. 5 seed that comes with it, as it owns a one-game lead and a head-to-head tiebreaker on Baltimore and New England and a one-game lead on Miami with a two-game lead in the conference record tie-breaker with the Dolphins.

    "Our magic number is one and we can't count on anybody else to lose, so we have to get a win," Tony Dungy told Indianapolis reporters Monday. "That's the way to get yourselves in, and that's the way we have to look at it. It's a must-win game because a win puts you in the playoffs and we're not in yet."

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    which means we'll probably play the colts three times this year....
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    One and done.
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