Colts add DT Ramsey, claim RB Forsett

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky The Colts have signed defensive tackle LaJuan Ramsey and claimed running back Justin Forsett off waivers from Seattle.
    Indianapolis needed an interior lineman after officially waiving Ed Johnson after he was arrested and charged with speeding and marijuana possession. Tony Dungy called Ramsey a nose tackle. Ramsey was a sixth-round pick out of USC in 2006 by Philadelphia. He played in 15 games in two seasons and was most recently with San Francisco.
    "He's here today and ready to practice," Dungy said. "We'll probably start the game with Keyunta (Dawson) and Eric Foster and then we have Raheem Brock and Josh Thomas that can play inside. We will adjust and be fine."
    Asked about moving ends inside, Dungy said:
    "Nobody looks forward to it, but that's what you have to do in these kinds of situations. You have to be able to make things happen. We've had a lot tougher situations than this. We went to San Diego last year with not many players. We've had quite a few of these situations and usually the guys step up, whether it's [RB] James Mungro in Philadelphia [in 2002] or anyone else. You go forward and you expect to win. We have high expectations and whoever is in there we think will play well."
    To make room for Forsett, the Colts waived receiver and return man Courtney Roby.
    Forsett is the team's fourth running back.
    Dungy also said center Jeff Saturday, who's been out with a knee injury, practiced and while not 100 percent, took all his turns. Tight end Dallas Clark (knee) did not practice.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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