Collins wants to stay and start, but Young will be with Titans

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Jan 12, 2009.

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    I say lets draft a QB. Whichever of these two idiots stays next year so be it. Neither are the future of the Titans. KFC is close to the end and a "has been" and VY is a "never was".
  2. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    They will make a long term committment to vince as long as he is willing to sign a new deal and be willing to be a backup at least one more year.

    Vince counts $4.6M against the cap in 09 but his cap hit doubles the next year and goes up another mil in 2011. His salary alone will be $7.5M in 2010 and $8.5M in 2011. No way they are paying that kind of salary so we need to get that down to have him gere long term. If the lions want to give us the first pick in round 2 for him i say go for it but his trade value declines unless he gets a new contract.
  3. TBC_titan

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    You and creeping cruds should move to France, seeing as how you give up so easily.
    I'm not ready to give up on Vince yet.
    At the beginning of TC last year, Dinger said he'd like to have two seasons to work with VY to make a complete assessment. One season has passed, one is left. Given Dinger's offensive intelligence, I'm going go with his opinion vice some Joe Schmo on a message board.
  4. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    I laugh at the notion that Vince wants to move on from Tennessee. I mean, really... what team wants Vince Young?
  5. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Drafting a QB..

    Problem with that is that there are very few QBs worth anything that are drafted in rounds 2-3. In fact you have to go all the way back to brett favre in 91 to find a stud drafted then.

    When the dolphins passed on brady quinn last year and drafted beck in the 2nd rd all the experts were praising the pick because beck was a quality prospect but the dolphins thought so little of beck that they used another 2nd rd pick on a QB henne the next year.

    Kellen clemens has done nothing. Brodie croyle has done nothing. Go read how many busts have been drafted in those rounds. the lions drafted a kid named stanton in rd 2 that might work out.

    Best thing to do is to draft the best QB on the board in rd 5 or 6 in each of the next 2 seasons and see if we can have some luck with one.

    The chiefs got lucky with a vikings 7th round pick who they picked up off the practice squad in tyler thigpen who appears to be better than vince young.
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  6. ShoTym

    ShoTym Rookie of the Year

    I've read that the Titans were the best team in 2008. That is absolutely not correct. They might have had the best record, but they were not the best team.

    Fisher mistakenly thought that he could make a run at the SB this year. For that reason, he has wasted an entire season riding the arm of Kerry Collins. Let's face it Kerry isn't the future, Sims probably isn't the future, and you didn't draft a QB. So the future on the roster right now is Vince, rather you like it or not. That being the case, it was stupid not to give him his job back when he recovered from his injury. The team would actually be in a much better situation right now. You'd either still be in the playoffs, if you made it, or you'd know more about what you have with Vince. But now, as it stands, you have no idea about what Vince can really do, and you are at home right now watching Pitt play Balt in the AFC championship game.

    What really pisses me off about this season for the Titans is you actually DID have an offense that Vince could have been successful in. Say all you want about his first game this season, you have no idea what could have been if Fisher had played him when he was healthy. Add to that the fact that he wasn't even included in the offense AT ALL! That was insanity as well. If you aren't gonna play him or use him at all, then get rid of him.
  7. Eddyc85

    Eddyc85 Go Bucks!

    Or Trent Edwards, or Drew Brees. Jake Plummer also had a nice little career.



    You're right, I am a Joe Schmo. So are you. The only thing wrong with letting Dinger fix VY is, You can't fix Stupid!

    Report: Vince Young May Not Be Smart Enough To Play In NFL

    His play has supported this headline again and again.

  9. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    Right... Vince is automatically the future because he's on the roster now. I guess Jim Sorgi is the Colts' future, Kellen Clemmens is the Jets', Dennis Dixon is the Steelers', Josh Johnson is the Bucs', and Matt Leinart is the Cards'.

    Oh yeah, Charlie Frye looks ready to be the Seahawks future too. You are the worst kind of homer.

    You make a crappy argument, but at least you have a good rationale behind it. :doh:
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  10. psychotictitan

    psychotictitan Its About That Time...

    I dont even know where to start with your post.....This season was hardly a waste,13-3,#1 seed, and a hell of defense is the ideal season for any team trying to make a run at a SB. Unfortunately, we fell short and the reason was not Collins,hate to tell you. It wouldnt have mattered if we had VY,Tom Brady, or Dan Marino at QB, Alge and Lendale still would of fumbled,Bironis still would of missed, and "Big Country" would still be acting like an idiot after the play. Fisher stuck with the hot hand and stayed with the QB that was winning,any coach would do that. Belichick made the same decision in 2001 when Bledsoe went down,he stayed with Brady because they were winning even though Bledsoe was cleared after a few weeks and look what happened,Superbowl. Take those fumbles away,penalties, missed kick and we'd be in Tampa and Fisher looks like a genius
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