Collins Adjusting to Titans Offense at First Day of Practice

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    SUMMARY: Kerry Collins already has a feel for the concepts according to Coach Jeff Fisher as he began learning the Titans offense today. "Keep in mind, there are different centers, different huddle calls, different cadences and receivers, so for the first day, he’s just trying to get used to it," Fisher said. There was no speculation as to how much time Collins will play in Friday night's preseason finale against the Packers. When asked on how the reps in practice were being split, Fisher explained that Young would continue to get the same amount as previously. "Basically what we’re going to do is we’re going to try not to eliminate any of Vince’s reps, to continue to develop Vince," said Fisher. "So we’ll have to split them as best we can between Billy and Kerry. That will also include walk-through, mental reps and those kinds of things."

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Thread Status:
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