College Football Should Be Banned

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Tennessy XO, May 8, 2012.

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    1. Separate the football programs from the universities. Form clubs that are associated with the university in name only. The university can still profit from merchandise and tickets sales. The profits go directly back to the university and NOT the athletic department. These clubs would serve as a minor league system and a football program for the university.

    2. Pay the players. Ten figure TV deals alone are worth more than the "benefits" the students are currently receiving. Seems unfair to profit so much from the abilities and likenesses of players without them receiving a fair monetary compensation.

    3. Kill the NCAA and form an actual organization to control these clubs similar to the NFL.



    1. The NFL creates its own minor league system and college attendance requirements are gone. An athlete can sign with an NFL franchise at the age of 18. At that point they decide whether to attend college or not. If they sign with a franchise they will be put on the team or they will be sent down to an associated minor league team. If they choose to turn down the contract and attend college that is on them.

    If this is the case their would have be a mandatory period of attendance if the athlete chooses to go to college. It seems contradictory to what I said previously but I do not see any other way to do it.

    This would "hopefully" help some of the corruption in the NCAA. College football would truly be about amateurs competing for their respective universities. Academic requirements will be back level across the board. You will meet the requirements no matter how well you catch a football.

    No easy solutions here really...


    Leave it alone and hope for the best. Preventative maintenance sucks... reacting to whatever comes down the line is way better.

    Also, no playoff system. Leave the bowls alone. Remember these are amateurs playing for sport, we do not need a playoff.

    Public universities should be free for everyone if academic requirements are met,

    Legalize marijuana,

    I'm out!

    P.S The "ban" or "reform" college football movement is gaining a lot of support on the academic sides of college campuses btw. The media is starting to take notice. Everyone isn't the SEC. Many prominent people are beginning to speak out against what CFB has become. Sadly I fear it us only a matter of time before Congress gets bored and decides to make reforming the NCAA their new hobby... totally against that.
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    you basically posted the MLB system. Not a bad idea. I'd personally like to see that system implemented in the NBA though. Enough one and done but thats another topic.

    I don't see why any of those changes need to happen. Seems like unnecessary work to me.

    All 3 parties benefit in my eyes. Players, NCAA, NFL. Yeah, the NCAA exploits the kids completely, but life's tough.

    I'm firmly against paying these student athletes anything more than they already are. If they don't like playing for a free education, room and board, quit, there's millions of kids/athletes/students that would switch spots for them and play off scholarship. And if you start paying them it opens up a whole other argument of paying the Men's basketball team, women's lacrosse team, mens swimming team, at some point the athletic department runs out of money...
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    How about AT LEAST let the athletes sign endorsements? Let them profit off of themselves. Take away all of the stupid rules about "illegal" benefits and all that b.s. The stupid rules about holding jobs and all that garbage.

    If I'm a millionaire alumni and want to buy Tyler Bray a Cadillac so be it. It is my damn money.
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    I am making an assumption that the universities would still fund football at some sembelance of the structure. If the coaching was there the football would be good, slightly slower and not as strong of players. Kinda like Boise State or non-SEC-SEC-SEC!!! football of today
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    The system that the MLB uses is excellent. We as fans get to have our cake and eat it to.

    Kids who want to take a shot at pro ball can do so right out of school. If they are academically inadequate they are not forced into the college system to play their game and the universities do not have to be as flexible with their admission standards with athletes.

    The student's get a far superior system to work with there are at least options on the table. It most likely makes the college baseball game a better game. Lesser competition and it is nowhere near as popular as its professional counterpart but a way better system.

    We as fans would have excellent college football and a nation wide farm system to enjoy. To top it off it would all feed directly into our beloved NFL.
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