Colin McCarthy??? And a little extreme

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanWilly, Aug 10, 2013.

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    Big, BIG question mark and seems to be a guy that may fall into the category of could've, should've been. It's only year three for him, but just seems too injury prone even if he gets back into the starting lineup by the time the season starts. Love the future of Akeem Ayers and Zach Brown but really don't know what we do at middle linebacker since Moise Fokou has been a backup role player in Indianapolis before coming here. Zaviar Gooden might be a project to play in the middle with his talent, but we will see.

    And a little F.Y.I from a personal point of view. I like the set up of this site as a newbie but have serious reservations about posting on a regular basis. I've literally read about two dozen post and responses before I was allowed to begin posting, and some of you are a little downright crazy toward others. I even read something about me and some other dude before I was an official member the other day. Some fans are even from Canada and parts in the far mid west??? Nice to see we have fans elsewhere on the planet, but can't imagine if I say the wrong thing on this board.
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    Sticks and stones and all that ;)

    I have loved this pick. Reminds me a lot of Keith Bulluck when he was taken. Hope he can develop the way Bulluck did.

    Well, probably the main reason he was available so late despite being so good is the McCarthy came injury prone. There have always been a plethora or players like McCarthy. Could have been great but were injured too much.

    At the same time the game is not the same it was in the last century. It is not too often a 4-3 teams has all three starting LBs on the field at the same time. Actually, for pretty much every team the most common defensive formation is the nickle formation. Meaning the NB plays a lot more than the third LB.

    In other words. If we have two great LBs and one average LB it is not the end of the world.
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    WTF is this GTFO of our site and don't come back.

    Kidding. Most of the animosity here stems from the fact that there are rarely new members and it has been virtually the same group of posters, before even I got here.

    So everyone is familiar enough with each other to speak their mind without anyone taking offense. I have learned that posters that get angry or upset on here typically don't last long. Aside from that, as long as you aren't trying to take over the forum with dozens of redundant threads, you will be fine.

    As for McCarthy, I feel better about it now that he has a backup, but he needs to do something.

    Meditation, Accupuncture, hypnotherapy.... Something to keep him from constantly hurting himself.

    Because he is our 2nd best defensive player when healthy, IMO.
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    Welcome aboard Titan Willy...I am reatively new on here myself and I can tell you everyone is pretty cool and honest on here. Just a bunch of true passionate fans and it is fun to razz people a bit and stir up some good conversation and debate. Don't take it personal. I think we all have been nuked and praised on here at some point haha. As for McCarthy, I do think that thankfully we have some nice depth with Ayers, Brown, and Gooden. We all want to see Colin do well, but sadly he is always hurt. It is certainly a big year for him, because if he doesn't stay healthy and produce, expect someone to be drafted, a trade, or as someone above stated, Gooden may see some time there. This year is going to be fun as hell and I can't wait.
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    Each registered member can't post for two days and that's by design.

    1. It prevents a lot of spam.
    2. It allows new members some time to browse around and get to know some of the personalities of the membership.
    3. It gives new members some time to learn the functionalities of the board.
    4. It prevents a lot of duplicate threads on the same topic. For example, McCarthy's injury situation has already been discussed at length in a number of threads. Though we often have multiple threads on the same topic, you could find a lot of opinion on your topic just by spending some time searching it instead of starting a new thread.

    There is no "saying something wrong" but it helps to have some facts to back your opinions. Best thing to do is visit often and just jump in with both feet. The water is fine.
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    We don't razz people that don't deserve it. If you do your homework and not start crazy threads you'll be just fine. I've been on here a while and started a doubting Locker thread and got the same response that grandmajesty got. We don't go after any poster here, just what the poster has to say.
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    Don't worry WillyTitan or TitanWilly, I have been recovering very nicely in their beautiful hospital facility's here in Nashville since the "near death" experience. I actually haven't had this much fun getting beat up in a long time. You'll do fine, I only lost a couple pints of blood.
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    Unless youre dbc, then we toilet paper your home and throw rocks at your kids on their way to school.

    Or that WG53 guy, but we just ran his dog over.
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