Colin Kaepernick

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    NFL has always stood for Not For Long

    If you have a few bad games in the NFL, there is no guarantee you'll be a starter.

    Once you're off the starting roster, you become expendable.

    CK was a system quarterback.

    Kinda reminds me of Rex Grossman/Kyle Orton in Chicago mid 2000s

    I have no idea how Grossman stayed in the league so long. That guy was awful. Most of his time in the league was spent as a backup though

    CK is a career backup QB at best, if he ever makes it back into the league.

    When you look at it like that, why would you want your backup QB being the focal point of a distraction each week? Backup QBs can be late round draft picks and they would cost a lot less and have a lot more upside. After all, Tom Brady once backed up Drew Bledsoe.

    His last season.. he went 1 and 11 in the 12 games he played in 2016.

    16tds and 4 ints might not sound terrible.... but he only averaged 186 yards a game and rushed an average of 6 times a game.

    He was out there being Charlie Checkdown and Randy Rundown on every down.

    They use to call that a "Game manager"

    being a game manager can win football games if you have a superb defense and special teams.

    In today's game, the best player on your roster needs to be the QB if you plan on winning Super Bowls
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    If you want good food, don't chit where you eat. Period.
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    Kaepernick will sign with the Jags in the offseason after they release Bortles, he'll compete with whatever rookie they draft
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    I doubt that....

    Jacksonville already has fan issues and, unless Kahn just dont give a F, that huge military community has already gotten an apology from the Tarpkitty front office. I doubt they poke those same people in the eye by signing this PoS distraction
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    Should have put this with it