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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by NewsGrabber, Mar 13, 2009.

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    <em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em> <p>Some notes in my mailbox have already asked about compensatory draft picks.</p> <p>The complex formula that determines who gets what is a big of a mystery. But not so much to AdamJT13.</p> <p>He's had success in the past predicting what the NFL will award to help offset free agent losses from a year ago. In this <a href="" target="_blank">blog entry</a> he predicts:</p> <ul> <li>The Titans will get a fourth rounder for Antwan Odom.</li> <li>The Colts will get a fourth rounder for Jake Scott.</li> <li>The Titans will get a fifth rounder for Travis LaBoy.</li> <li>The Titans will get a sixth rounder for Randy Starks.</li> <li>The Titans will get a seventh rounder for Ben Hartsock.</li> </ul> <p>Compensatory selections are untradeable, but make it a lot easier for teams to trade other picks.</p> <p>Our code breaker doesn't forecast any compensatory picks for Jacksonville or Houston, though he does have the Jaguars on a list of teams that could get one if things break a bit differently than he projects.</p> <p>If these predictions come true, they would give the Titans a grand total of 10 picks and the Colts a grand total of eight picks.</p> <p>A review of what the two teams have before compensatory picks are awarded.</p> <p><strong>Tennessee -- six picks</strong></p> <p>First round -- 30th overall<br /> Second round -- 62nd<br /> Third round -- 94th</p> <p>Also: 30th in the fourth round; 30th in the sixth round, 30th in the seventh round. Fifth-round pick was traded to Dallas.</p> <p><strong>Indianapolis -- seven picks</strong></p> <p>First round -- 27th overall<br /> Second round -- 61st<br /> Third round -- 92nd<br /> Also: 27th in the fourth round; 29th in the fifth round; 28th in the sixth round; 27th in the seventh round.</p> <p>For a bit more about AdamJT13's track record, see <a href="/blogs/nfcwest/0-8-384/Projecting-compensatory-draft-choices.html" target="_blank">this entry</a> from Mike Sando over the NFC West headquarters.</p>

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    can't tell, but would Jacob Bell count for a compensatory pick?
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    Yep, but we signed Scott. They offset each other.
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