Coach Schwartz and Harbaugh getting into it after the game @ Midfield

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by lilkhmerkid4u, Oct 16, 2011.

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    Harbaugh has to realize that 49ers have been through about ten straight years of mediocre playing.Same thing goes for Schwartz and the Lions.Both of those programs seem like they are finally on the upswing again so maybe we might see these two clash again in the playoffs this season if they both make it.I'd love to see them meet in an NFC wild card playoff game later in the year.
  4. BeatADeadColt

    BeatADeadColt Camp Fodder

    Yeah but that's what I'm saying: Harbaugh couldn't have been acting like that for no damn reason. If he was then I'm crazy and I retract my statement and he deserves to get his @$$ kicked.

    But I get the feeling there was something brewing we didn't really know about, and Harbaugh won the game and rubbed it in and Schwartz through a b with an itch fit and couldn't just accept the fact that got owned. I think Schwartz must've said something about Harbaugh or the 49ers. And if he did I like what Harbaugh did. Good for him.
  5. skitch

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    They were showing it AGAIN. When it happened and Schwartz said "wtf?" as Harbough ran off he clearly turned his head half way back and said something. I don't know what, but THAT is when Schwartz lost it.
    He said said in his press conference that he "did not expect to get shoved out of the way or get an obscenity".

    Seems pretty clear watching that Harbough said something.
    Seemed pretty classless to me.

    "You stay classy San Francisco." lol
  6. lilkhmerkid4u

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    ehhh? I don't get it? Did i do something to piss him off?
  7. GeronimoJackson

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    Lol @ Harbaugh lifting his shirt up at :25.
    [ame=""]Fight Between Jim Schwartz (Lions) vs Jim Harbaugh (49ers) - YouTube[/ame]

    I think he was inspired by Baron Davis.
    [ame=""]Baron Davis Huge Slam Over Andrei Kirilenko HQ!! - YouTube[/ame]
  8. skitch

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    Even if something was brewing or said before, this was on the field at the "customary handshake".
    JH is classless and has a history of it.
  9. BeatADeadColt

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    See it might just be the difference in a person's genetics, or how they were brought up, but to me it's more classless to be talking sh!+ behind a man's back or taking shots at somebody disguised as observations, and that's kind of what I think was happening.

    And actually looking at it again on NFL network... seriously they show this ish every two minutes... it actually seems concievable that Harbaugh was just retardedly excited. He seems like the retardedly excited type. Not calling him retarded, just watching him talk and interact with his players he seems..... I don't know how to say it.... just weird. He did a weird thing, and I think Schwartz might have overreacted.

    Or maybe I just don't like the way everybody's hyping up the Lions, and the Lions are hyping up themselves, as an elite team already.
  10. skitch

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    Oh I agree about not talking crap behind someone's back, but this is different.
    It's kinda like the whole "public figure" thing. Not what football fans want to see or current or former coaches think should happen in that setting. There is a time and place for everything. This wasn't it.

    I see the video differently, but that is an opinion. I will say, as I said before, the other angle from behind and field level looks much more like a push and that JH said SOMETHING to set Schwartz off.
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