Coach Munchak not showing enough emotion, passion or drive on sidelines...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Sep 14, 2011.

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    Kenny Britt is NOT in NJ he is at O'Charleys in Brentwood

    Asked about lack of mental focus of the team and if last 2 games are evaluation?
    MM said he did not feel 2011 was a rebuilding season and he thought Titans should be 10-6. Said negotiations would start when season is over too get the right guys back. Said young players were the reason of the lack of focus creating communication errors and that they need snaps - blah blah blah part of the reason Locker aint starting

    OL question and feelings about changing name of Oilers too Titans? Said he started working with Oilers cause he was able too stay in town too presue coaching. Said he lubs Nashville. Said it was hard too see the Oilers move from Houston and he apparently thinks people in Nashville care about Oilers history

    Dude just said he was happy with rebuilding season - pay attention dude. Asked about Locker snaps? Hope Locker will be QB here 10-15 years. Claims Hasselbeck gives Titans the best chance too win - yep he said it. Claims Lockers success is because Titans are in hurry up O. Said if Houston game is meaningless then its Locker time.
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    Hindsight is 20/20 Munch.

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    Mississippi dude said Locker better than Gabbertasked about if Hasselbeck start in POs? Will QB be open in offseason? MM said Hasselbeck will sit if he is not healthy but that Titans will change anyone too win the game. EUGENE AMANO - lol No thoughts about QB in offseason

    Chick asked again about MH hurt vs Locker. MM said he lubs Locker, but Hasselbeck is not too hurt too play. Going with guys who give "the best chance too win these next 2 weeks"

    Rough week blah - did BA discuss the game with you and did you talk with Campbell? Took Campbell out after his tour of the ponie bench. reminded everyone about the reverse for TD - Ignored BA question.

    and thats it for MM
  4. TheSureThing

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    No discipline.

    Very dumb of him to have Mariani on the team

    tackling is coachable, and our team (Griffin, Ayers, McCourty, etc) aren't very good at it. where's the coaching?

    don't even get me started on this one....It was MUNCHAK'S dumb decision to start Hasselbeck who's been sucking the big one for the past 5 weeks. He rode with his guy instead of going with the best quarterback.

    Enough of this loyalty bulls*** on the coaching staff. I'm sick of it. Cut Kevin Matthews, play the better player, stop with the loyalty bs we saw with Fisher/Collins etc.

    Donnie Nickey can't find work right now, and I'm pretty sure Kevin Matthews wouldn't be able to either if the Titans didn't sign and play their coaches best friends and instead fielded a football team with a real football staff.

    These things didn't even cost us the game, they contributed to it, but in the end it was just a bad coach that costed us a game to one of the worst teams in national football league history.

    Any time we're the laughing stock of the league, everyone is held accountable, including the head coach.
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    Vince had emotion....sometimes too much......but at least he cared........................
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    I agree, but he was NOT willing too work / pratice too improve his game, or learn the O, or his read progression, or his WRs routes, ect... but hey he knew how too babysit.
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    Do you think with hindsight that Munch realises that a QB with two legs is better than one ; simple question , just needs an answer.
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    sadly MM does not see it this way.

    FWIW when I listen to MM he definatly seems too be thinking long term regarding his decisions. Which is good. But I want too win saturday- lol
  9. Deuce Wayne

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    That's HIS job.

    Get a boss that doesn't seem to care if his employees are working, and you're going to see no production.

    If you've worked in any sort of varying fields you know that one.
  10. TitanJeff

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    Is it Munch's job to motivate? No. Is it his job to yank a player off the field for not being motivated? Yes.

    He should have replaced Hasselbeck the moment he gimped off the field. He should have handed Campbell his release forms after the second penalty. I would have sat Cook down after the fumble.

    He'd risked not having enough players to finish the game if he sat down everyone who played unmotivated or stupid on Sunday.
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