Coach-Free Meetings Helps Titans Running Game

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    SUMMARY: Since his 178-yard game against the Redskins, RB Travis Henry and the OL have been meeting each Thursday, without coaches present, to view game film and gain a better understanding of what each is thinking during a given run play. "It gives the running backs an idea of what we expect as an offensive line, where we think the ball's going to go, things like that," C Kevin Mawae said. "It gives the running backs an idea of exactly how we expect the combinations to come, how we think the linebackers are going to play it. And it can give the running back a mental image of actually setting up the run and things like that. I don't know if it's been an answer for what we've been doing, but it's definitely helped."

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    Travis Henry's idea? Mawae runs the film.

    Henry doesn't sound like a guy who's ready to throw his career away on another substance violation any time soon. We need to ink that man a new contract.

    Mawae may well be our best signing,all we ever hear about him is his positive effect on his teammates.
  3. Yeah, we all expected Mawae to be a great pick-up, but man, has he been ddicated, watching film on players day off as an example...
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