Clements or Samuel?

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Clements or Samuel...or ???? Who should we go after?

  1. Nate Clements

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  2. Asante Samuel

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  3. Freeney?

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  4. Other suggestions?

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  1. Gut

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    In this market Smoot probably IS looking for $6mil. I see no reason to take an avg-slightly above avg CB (and some people were saying the Vikes overspent on an overrated player) for $5-6mil when we could have a Pro Bowl CB for $9mil. We have the cap space...use it for some of the top players. What else are we gonna do with it?

  2. RollTide

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    Don't blame finnigan that the coaching staff were not smart enough to keep him in there. He was a rookie last year but should get a full shot this time.. He plays much more physical than hill and should beat him out..

    Finnigan can't realistically be an every down safety he is just too small.

    We are looking for an upgrade at hill's corner spot well i think finnigan is an upgrade.

    Funny you mentioned clemets being all pro caliber. Neither of these 2 studs we are all talking about made the pro bowl this year. The pro bowl corners are bailey, mathis and mcalister.

    I know that things change in the draft and players will move up or down but the way things look now we can't get hill or landry they both will be off in the first 18 picks and griffin won't be there in the 2nd rd. There are however several quality corners worth taking in rds 1 or 2. we can get a hall or revis in rd one or a bennett, houston or mccauley in rd 2.

    Based on the draft it makes more sense to get our safety from FA and a corner from day one of the draft.
  3. Fry

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    hardly. this year's CB class is not very good.
  4. Gut

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    I don't blame Finnegan...certainly not. He played GREAT for us! But of the players in the starting secondary, he appears to play the deep ball better than everyone except Pacman. Since Schwartz tends to leave our FS deep down the middle, I think he could start there...especially if he tacked on a few pounds of muscle in the off-season. I mean, he's small but he was very active (in run support) and is a good tackler.

    Wasn't Blaine Bishop too small?

    Hence the term All Pro CALIBER. I'm pretty sure Clements has gone to at least one Pro Bowl. Either way, Clements has been a top notch CB in this league having played in both man heavy and mixed schemes. Samuel was good before but had an excellent year. I'm not sure how well he'd hold up in a mostly man to man D, but I can just about guarantee we won't play more man than zone no matter how good our CB's are. Schwartz prefers zone. Since that's the case, either would probably work out very well for us. I like Clements more because of his man to man background but he's also a bit older. Samuel is less tested in man to man but is also younger (and had 10 picks last year).

    You're starting to scare me! Clements is a better player than we can get at #19 in the draft (in terms of secondary players). If you want to add the most talent to the D, you look for the most talented pieces you can get in free agency and see what you realistically could get in the draft. I don't think that Landry and Nelson will be gone. But even if they are, there is talent through rnd 3 at S in this draft. Some of the CB's also can be moved to S (and probably will be) so we'll have options. But option one is getting the best player(s) we can and in free agency that starts with a pass rusher and a CB. If you think about it...would you rather have a Pro Bowl CB teamed with Nelson or Landry or let's say worse case a Sabby Piscatelli (or Lowry or Fuller)? Or Darrell Revis and Hamlin? I think there will be a lot of semi-busts at CB in this draft. We'll find out more in the combine, but there are a lot of CB's who are highly rated but projected to run slow. Slow good CB's in college usually end up as strictly cover 2 CB's or nickel backs.

    And in my opinion, we had better NOT draft McCauley (he's strictly a press man to man guy and STRUGGLES in zone and offman coverages). I don't think Bennett is a second rndr and I think Houston could end up in rnd 1 after the combine. I don't think there will be a lot of good CB's worth a first rnd pick but Indy will help separate the men from the boys.

    Only if you want to overpay for average players and reach for a CB. Plus, I think we have a 50/50 shot that Landry or Nelson are there at 19. If they both aren't, that also bodes well for other players we could get at DT, WR, DE, OT/OG, MLB, or RB. I mean, if you write down your top 19 players in this draft, one of them will be available and most likely, several will be.
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