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  1. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    1 - if i have to asses our run game i will think of two things o-line and rbs.

    fault - rbs

    they are not seeing holes quick enough or breaking tackles...

    think of this - watch our qbs either one of them...when they drop back...they have time...almost always they have time...and lots of it.....our o line is doing a really good job in pass protection...and rarely if ever will u see an o-line that can do one REALLY REALLY good an the other badly....

    2 - our passing game
    in question - qb, wrs

    watching last game especially i noticed some things; espeiically when kerry was playing. he had so much time in the pocket... either 1 he wasnt seein openings and tahts his fault , 2 - our wrs could not get seperation

    i saw kerry make some nice throws yesterday (as well as some bad ones) but from waht i see it looks like our wrs were really strugglin to get open...b/c he would be lookin at both sides of the field and still hesitate to throw....

    fault - wrs (IMO) ....we need playmakers...- idn if it would help...but i wish givens wer at least here...hes almost been forgotten about..

    3 - giffens place

    Grif should be starting....not at CB but at S oppoiste hope. i can only hope that jeff is just tryin to show pac that they will move on w/o him if he doenst fix up his life...but if he's doin nything other than that...than i am havin a hard time understanding it.

    4 - pac has not at all been replaced in the return game

    he has unmatched vision, speed, and acceleration.....all those combine to make it very difficult to tackle him....i have a prediction...pac will have a retrun for a TD (if given the chacne) in his very 1st game back this season (also if given the chance)
  2. moose4now

    moose4now Starter

    Number four is the most important one of those to this team at this point.

    We've muddled through the season this far (above .500) with this offence, so this is the type of offence you'll see all season. But, if/when we add Pac, this team will be like watching the (forgive me for this) the Baltimore Ravens during their best days.
  3. PitBull

    PitBull Bred to Brawl

    Great thread.. Although we already know all this already its good to bring it back in perspective from time to time. I agree with all points, but mostly with point 4.. (more for his close-out ability as CB rather than his punt returning skill). Not that i'm taking either for granted, I'm just saying that we currently have the number 1 rushing defense in the league, and harper has been causing us some serious damage with his miscalculations. He's a very good zone coverage guy, but his small mistakes have almost always resulted in a TD.
  4. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    i didnt say nything bout his cover skills b/c everyone already knows how good he is...sure he does like to go for the big play...but the thing is more often than not he will get it...almost always at some points last yr...and his risk taking ability combined with his awarness make him amazing in the sense of his cover skills and his playmaking skills. (an combine that with his almost unmatched return abilty every time he touches the ball...)

    what more can i say.....ohh yeah all in his 2nd yr....

    how can ppl wanna get rid of such a player...espeically now that it seems he has really changed his life (no new headlines sources sayin he thinks he's done enough...all good signs.)
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