CJ2K Will Be Back Next Year

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by dtm586, Dec 18, 2012.

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    Honestly CJ's like a weird harmless little kid. All he does is drive around in ridiculous cars and go to clubs in ridiculous clothing. He doesn't even drink, he just makes appearances at parties, tweets nonsense, and does crazy **** at his house. He's like the kid from big daddy, he never learned how to be normal so he does all this weird stuff like surgically installing a grill or wearing hollister...
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    I didn't read the first four pages of this thread... really no need to.

    CJ got off to a slow start this year, we know, the coaches know it and he knows it. With that said, some of it is on him and some of it is not. Our O-Line is garbage. Somehow or another he still managed to put up some good numbers and overcome the first 3 weeks or so. Hes a proven 1k+ yard per season back. Hes not going anywhere.

    Also, the dude has always more or less been a class act. He likes to do goofy crap in his off time so what. He hasn't hurt anyone and no point during the season did anyone think he would do anything stupid to get himself in trouble. His hold out is about the only distraction he has ever given the team.
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    And thats all fine, thats reasons to like him, but those are not reasons to play him so much on the field after he shows nothing early in games.

    He takes too long to matter is why I could do without him. Sure he dazzles people in the stands with an exciting play from time to time, but he's so bad for a football team it's sad some fans dont see why. He's more of a side act than he is the star of the show. And don't get me wrong, I like the side act, but theres just not enough substance there to warrant a full-time workload like he receives in TN.

    The idea shouldn't be to get this guy the ball, it should be let him touch the ball, as in don't make him your whole game plan.

    This guy is like a broken gas pump in a car, he only gives you spurts of fuel and not a constant flow. Good luck driving to the store with that.

    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    I was really happy to see he did that, I mean really happy. I'm not far from Newtown where the tragedy occurred, and I have young kids that go to the same public schools setting, so this whole thing has really hit home for me. CJ honoring those kids is the kind of stuff that fixes broken communities. I hope this might trigger more athletes to reach out to those families affected because this stuff makes you smile. Just hearing from those people who lost their kids helps the whole country feel a little better. Because you know theyre going to make it and maybe get back to where they can say theyre ok.

    And IDK how the rest of America and other places outside Connecticut perceive this whole thing, but this has shaken up everybody around here. I mean everywhere you turn theres somebody talking about it, and its horrible to constantly be reminded of how messed up the world can be.

    But mad props to Chris Johnson for this, it's great to see he cares.
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    I wanted:

    1st: David DeCastro
    2nd: Vinny Curry
    3rd: Mike Martin
    4th: Brandon Boykin

    DeCastro got hurt. Curry hasn't done much (hasn't got alot of playing time). We drafted Martin. Boykin has seen some playtime, not amazing.

    I'm glad we took ZB, he's been impressive. Coty can still be a good player, he's gotten playing time in his rookie season and has held his own. Still needs time to develop and really should be a #4. I still wish we would of went DeCastro over Kendall. But oh well, doesn't matter anymore.
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    I agree with JC, in the way that I don't think we should use him as an every down back. I would like for us to pick up someone he could split time with. A big back that plays smash mouth.
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    lendale is a FA

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    I loved LenDale in 2008, but now :biglaugh:
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    I agree that we need another effective back. Preferably one who can pound out first downs on 3rd and 1. Personally, If I were the Titans offensive coordinator going into next season, I might just make getting better at getting the ball in the passing game/screens better a major focus. This team has not done a good enough job at getting CJ in open field where he is arguably the most explosive player in the history of the league. I think Jake, CJ, and the offense as a whole would benefit greatly from a lot of reps designed to get CJ the ball in the passing game. CJ's hands would have to improve some with increased reps. It also takes time with a new/young QB to get that timing down with his RB on those passes in the flat. While a better power runner is in at RB, you could even put CJ in the slot or something sometimes if he gets better/more comfortable as a receiver. CJ should be the main playmaker for the Titans, but not the RB in short yardage situations. At least not very often.
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