CJ2k unhappy with the signing of Greene

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by PRAY IV M3RCY, Mar 21, 2013.


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    If Shonn Greene threatens Chris Johnson for the starting job, we will all be miserable next season.

    I don't like C.J. much and do like the addition of Greene quite a bit, but if Green overtakes CJ's role, CJ must be playing terrible.
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  2. Zappa71

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    That's what I'm talkin about!

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    C.J. has always been a team player, except for the time he held out. But he earned a pay day at that point.

    Now it's time he earns these checks he's been getting.
  4. corymiller

    corymiller New Era Connoisseur

    Dude they're paying you 10 million a year....

    You have one job. STFU and do as you're told.
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  5. xpmar9x

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    Suppose to be "MY" team... CJ doesn't seem like a leader to me. He just complains about the team and holdouts for more money and leaders don't do that. I don't see why he's so pissed, he should still get 250-270 carries, and if he gets around a 5.0 YPC, that's 1250-1350 yards, more than he had the last two years.
  6. Ewker

    Ewker Starter

    screw CJ...he will be gone next yr
  7. Big Time Titan

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    I don't like what CJ said but I do like that he's expressing how he feels and sees the Greene signing. When I saw the terms of the Greene signing I thought exactly the same thing CJ did which is this. Greenes' deal is expensive for a backup RB but it's a steal of a deal for a starting NFL RB.

    The way I see it, CJ is gettting paid this year to be the guy but if he shows that he really is losing a step then he will almost definitely be cut after this season and we'll have a capable starter in Greene under a very reasonable deal.
  8. Ghost

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    I should have been a little more clear. If they both put up similar numbers IE around 1200 or so. I think CJ will be gone. The FO is not going to pay him that outrageous amount of money when a guy they have for a boat load cheaper is putting up similar numbers. CJ is going to have to strap on his big boy cleats this year and man up, pull some Adrian Penisson type stuff off.
  9. Jwill1919

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    I can already see it now.....CJ pouting on the sidelines with his helmet off while we're in a close game in the 2nd half. The offensive linemen loving Shonn Greene and his attitude and ability to get the tough yards and keep the chains moving. All culminating in one of those epic 9 minute drives at home all by pounding the rock while the fans go crazy on a Greene TD from 3 out ending with a huge celebration by the Team in the endzone! I love it!!
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  10. RavensShallBurn

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    Of course he's here for more than goal line situations. You can bet your ass he'll be in every 3rd and short.

    CJ just doesn't like the idea of Greene being a vulture and stealing all his TDs (which have been far and few the past two seasons anyway).
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