CJ2k unhappy with the signing of Greene

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by PRAY IV M3RCY, Mar 21, 2013.

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    he single handedly didn't get many 3rd and 1s
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    how do you figure....like i said he had over 1000 yards on junk runs...any run against the jets last year was bad as their defense was so underachieving but if you take away that 94 yard run cj had then he was left with 20 attempts for 28 yards (and thats an oh so good average) and the miami game he had a run of 21 and 17(for a td though) but you take that 21 yard run away from him then he only has 22 caries for 105....not the output i expect from someone who is supposed to be the best in the nfl and we paid so much money too...

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    Just stop. Your logic here is horrible.
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    You can't just take away CJ's big runs LOL. Thats why we hand him the ball, because eventually he will break a big one.
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    That, also, is an unfair argument. Take away all of Calvin Johnson's big plays and he's average too. Take away all of Joe Montana's good throws and he's just an average QB. The frequency of above average plays is what makes them above average players, man. Take away CJ's 15 best runs and he looks extremely average. Take away his 15 worst runs and he looks like the best RB in the league. So it goes both ways.

    I'm not saying that CJ doesn't have some major flaws. Shonn Greene is a pretty good spell/ change of pace guy to try and supplement CJ's shortcomings. But saying that he got over 1,000 yards in garbage time is idiotic. There aren't enough garbage plays in NFL games to produce 1,000 yards. And he had 1,250. And the guy has 7,000 yards in his first five seasons. Over 1,000 every year. Over 4 ypc every year. If anything he's the picture of consistency on a season to season basis, shortcomings and all. You know exactly what you're going to get. A one dimensional running back who's a dynamic playmaker in the open field.
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    lol @ bringing back the "take away this or that run" garbage again!
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    Disclaimer: Before anyone gets butt hurt, I am simply pointing out that the taking away of a couple "big plays" is a valid argument. Especially for a "play maker"

    The staff is revamping the OL, and kept CJ so they are obviously comfortable with CJ being productive behind a line that can block......


    lol @ thinking 3rd and 6 is ok as long as he can get a couple long ones every year

    Titan43... 3 runs last year he "broke the big one"

    There are 16 games... so he broke on, on average, once every 5 games. (whether its the line, or not) Anyone who thinks that is more valuable than a back that can give you 3rd and 2-4... is frankly not worth arguing with. (ESPECIALLY with a rookie QB)

    Coltkiller, okay Ill play

    CJ last year = 4.5 YPC, 1243 yards on 276 carries. May be worth 10 million for some of you, but lets take away ONE play. The useless 94 yard one against the bears backups.

    1153 yards on 275 carries = 4.2 YPC.

    Lets compare how many starting backs do that. (in parentheses is the longest run by each of the RB's taken away from their total YPC)

    AP = 6.0... (not going to bother, no one is asking who is better)
    Alfred Morris = 4.8 (4.69) Notice how it didnt drop .3 ypc?
    Lynch = 5.0 ( 4.8) again... didnt drop .3 YPC
    Charles = 5.3 ( 5.0) Okay... dropped .3 but 5.0 > 4.2
    Doug Martin = 4.6 (4.35)
    Foster = 4.1 (3.9)
    Ridley = 4.4 (4.22)
    Spiller = 6.0 (5.7) (finally, someone who dropped .3 YPC when you take away one play... but does anyone really want to compare 6.0 to 4.5 lol??)
    CJ 4.5 (4.2)
    Gore = 4.7 (4.57)

    Okay, I can see 5-10 more with a 4.5 YPC but I have plenty to prove my point.

    That is taking away ONE big play. No one is saying take away all of any players big plays, but if you take away Cj's big plays (all 3 of them.................. yes.... 3)... and he drops to scrub status. (3.6 wasnt it?) Anyone want to bet me that no other back had that type of drop off that had 200+ carries, and taking away their top 3 runs?

    Edit: btw... dont bet me, I dont feel like looking all that crap up. This took long enough.

    How some of you guys do not realize this is really confusing. Its not me knocking on CJ (i only do that when he opens his retarded mouth), its just facts. You may not like the facts, but its true. Taking away 3 plays from a player in a season, should not make them go to good, to scrub.

    Calvin Johnson? How about the last 2 years I just take away one, 100 yard play, that way I dont have to think too much.

    1581 yards (minus the one play) on 96 catches
    1864 yards (minus one 100 yard play) on 122 catches.

    Yea Ill take that any day, because he makes the big plays on a CONSISTENT basis. Not once every 5 games.

    Montana... not even going to bother looking it up. Sure, take away his top 3-5 plays every year, and he doesnt become a scrub.

    Its not black and white like some of you guys seem to read the stat lines and think. Yes, I am aware the line sucked but production is what matters. (in no way am I saying the line was not the biggest problem with the running game last year) He has a better line this year, so he should have a lot better season.

    Im not trying to dog on CJ (except when he speaks), but a play maker is not someone who goes to scrub/average status when you take away 3 plays. It leads to a lot of 3rd and longs, that people really think our rookie QB, with no line who is running for his life, to convert. It HURTS the team.

    Whether you like CJ or not, you cannot deny it. Sustaining drives > 3 plays to make you look good.

    Its a valid argument.
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    I don't believe this is a valid argument because you just took away his biggest runs of the year. That is what separates him from just any normal running back. On top of that is only fair if u analyze his biggest runs than you also have to analyze his shortest runs. I have watched every running play last year and i can easily give you more than 15 runs where i felt as though cj had zero chance of success whether it was bad execution on Lockers part or the failure of the OL line and our Wrs as far as blocking and also due to bad playcalling. Its not a valid argument to just take away his most successful runs alone
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    Okay, so you are saying the running game was fine last year because we get to factor in the long runs? I mean we got 1300 yards at 4.5 YPC. The running game didnt hold back the Titans at all last season? If you dont see my point is a valid argument, then you tell me why the running game was successful last year... right?

    No one on this site will tell you that the running game was fine last year, and its deceiving to look at CJ's stats because we all know (most of us anyways) that the running game SUCKED last year. We could not sustain drives and the running game was a huge part of it. Is the running game fine because we averaged 4.5 YPC? Then I assume that you are okay if the running game produces the same as it did last year.... because we get to factor in a few long runs.

    I understand you very clearly, and I have said multiple times that the line was the biggest problem with the running game so you can stop defending CJ. Relax, hes here, Ive accepted it and dont mind (other than we will have to listen to more of his interviews)

    Its a valid argument because sustaining drives is more important than 3 big runs. The organization agrees, they are trying to fix the line so they obviously dont think the running game is fine. Im not sure if you are understanding the argument. Its not about whos fault it was (CJ or the line)

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    So its ok for you guys to criticize him but you want me to stop defending him? All Im saying is its unfair to take away cj's best runs and not his worst. I never said that our running game as a whole was good. Cj overall had a good year despite a depleted OL an inconsistent qb and bad playcalling. There is a reason why we fired our OC. It seems as though everyone wants to blame cj for the amount of 3rd and longs we had last season when i can say after watching every game that wasn't the case.