Cj will never ever win a ring with fisher as coach

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by karmarouge, Dec 26, 2009.

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  1. SawdustMan

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    First off, I'm a huge LenDale fan and will hate to see him inevitably go. But I think this comparison is apples and oranges. Del Rio benching MJD would be a much greater travesty than White being benched. MJD is a much better all around back and probably a top 5 back in the entire league. As much as I love him, LenDale isn't close to being on that kind of a level. Also MJD doesn't have the most explosive player in the league playing in front of him, so there's that.
  2. karmarouge

    karmarouge Camp Fodder


    Here is the thing i am trying to get you to see. (You are right btw about your statement of the two backs)

    Lendale white is by no means the best running back in the league. However, he has one specialty with the titans that no other team has. He is deadly in the redzone being one of the most efficient backs in that zone on the field.
    That is his specialty. There is no one on the titans team remotely close to him.
    I think his numbers in the redzone last year were something like a touchdown on every 3 or so carries every time he touched the ball within the opponents 10 yard line. (some one posted the stats in another thread i will look them up)

    In the redzone, there is no one as efficient as Lendale white as rob bironas is efficient in kicking field goals. That is Birona's specialty.

    That is the thing people dont seem to understand. Taking your best offensive weapon and benching him for the garbage like we show cased in the colts game is a completely idiotic decision. I dont care if you are trying to sink a player's numbers to sully his free agency price, it is very stupid to do that to a player. And ultimately we have paid the price, and will probably continue to pay the price if he doesnt resign with us. It was a huge gamble by fisher and the front office, i think it will back fire on them badly, because it seems Lendale white is just as pissed of as the rest of us who were rooting for him to get more redzone carries.

    Now i know you have been watching titans games. I will leave it up to you to decide whether we benefited a damn thing benching white in all those redzone opportunities that resulted in field goals or those stupid third and 4th down conversions we had collins spraying the ball all over the field.
  3. Starship

    Starship Consistently Inconsistent

    I agree wholeheartedly. Not as a testament to how Fisher but more of less to the Front Office. Starting this "trend" is not the solution and will only cause more heartache as anyone could see.

    This is going to leave a very very bad taste in our mouths.
  4. karmarouge

    karmarouge Camp Fodder



    .. JEEZUZ!!!!

    And i cant believe you have the nerve to post that garbage complaining about comparisons yet the same person constantly bringing up 2007 stats is conveniently forgetting the fact that white fumbled only twice in 2008..

    (nice angle there buddy.. your credibility definitely rises with that kind of circular reasoning.)

    Again your twisted logic comes into play. But i guess that is something you simply cant help because you can only use the mental tools gave you and go so far.

    So in your thinking, its definitely ok to compare CJ and White but not AP and White? Jeezuz christ man! Get your chite straight.

    Secondly did i say that lendale white should replace CJ?

    NO I DIDNT..

    Matter of fact i specifically stated that he should play the exact same role he did in 2008... If you dont mind let us stick to his numbers in 2008 because THATS ALL I AM ARGUING FOR. NOT 2007 NOT AS A STARTER, BUT AS A TRUE BACK UP TO CJ WHO ACTUALLY GETS SIGNIFICANT CARRIES LIKE IN DID IN 2008 And hence more tds and fewer fumbles. I am not arguing against CJ. I am arguing that he is the best thing that ever happened to lendale white!

    Let him do what he does best, score tds and convert in short yardage situations for the team.

    At the very minimum u should be able to get those simple points in bold and underlined for you! They are highlighted for you specifically to focus on. (even if it takes you the next 30 minutes.. Please try hard to do that!)
  5. Psychop1

    Psychop1 Big Tee Tip Jar Donor

    Boy, your post is really screwed this time. That last post must have sent you running for the sauce...

    I'm not blaming you for bringing up AP, because you didn't. I am laughing at you for trying to twist stats. You don't want your man-crush going carry for carry against AP or any top RB, so you're trying to twist the stats around. Furthermore, you're flat out making things up. I compared all three backs. You should really take some midol. Get back to us when you aren't PMS'ing.

    White shouldn't play the same role he did in '08 because he can no longer do so effectively on a consistent basis. The only time White should be in the game is when Johnson needs a breather. Maybe you haven't noticed, but the offense isn't a problem since Young took over. If I'm bringing up stats from '07, that's because that was largest sample size we've seen from Lendale, and likely will ever see from him.
  6. Psychop1

    Psychop1 Big Tee Tip Jar Donor

    You're mistaken. Our best offensive weapons are Chris Johnson and Vince Young. This offense has averaged 28 points a game since Young took over. That barely keeps them from being a top five offense. But we're struggling to score points and Bironis is having a career year, right? :bsflag:
  7. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    I would take that as implying a personal relationship with the player.

    I'm not looking for a war with you. I just want to remind you that we are a community of respectful peers. Your posts... well honestly, this may be just my opinion, but they seemed laced full of insults and personal attack, at least, that's how they read, to me... for what it's worth the posting in this thread has improved over night so I guess I should commend you for putting forth the effort... but short of the "ignore" feature, I'll tell you that your posts would be far more effective if they were less inflammatory because honestly, I've only been able to skim them up until now because they just weren't that interesting because of all the condescension and ugly tone regardless of what you say about them. From me, and you may not realize it, you're just getting friendly advice. This forum has tighter standards than some. Furthermore, I'd like to reiterate that's it's not your opinions that clash with me so much as your method for delivering them. In short, you needn't be a dick. Cool beans? ;)
  8. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    on topic here
    I know that I have a reputation for giving Fisher more credit than his is probably due but
    #1, White isn't the Titans best offensive weapon.
    #2, I don't believe that he was benched to sink his numbers in order to lower his free agency worth
    #3, I do knot know why his was inactive but I suppose it had to do with either his attitude, his weight and conditioning, or practice performance
    #4 or Chris Johnson is really that much better that he eclipses White in the line-up... regardless of the wisdom of that.

    Any of the preceding make far more sense to me to explain his absence on the field. I'm objective on White too. I don't dislike him to begin with. I may be naive with this, but I believe Fisher played the player that gave him the best chance to win. Although personally, I would have played White more on a rotational basis even if it came at the expense of Chris Johnson's work, and by extension of that, yards. Chris Johnson had too many inside runs for minimal gain this year. Those were downs he could have rested. It's not like LenDale can't pass block either.

    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    Three things I know from reading 12 pages of heated arguments:

    Chris Johnson IS the best back in football. Because A.P. fumbles and comes off the field.
    LenDale White is a serious red zone threat, but he's not MJD.
    LenDale White SHOULD get more looks.

    And two or three posters can't get along.

    And oh yea, Jeff Fisher eats fish sticks. (That means he could be gay) see South Park episode for why.
  10. karmarouge

    karmarouge Camp Fodder


    I do believe i specified exactly where and when Lendale white is our best offensive weapon. IN THE REDZONE. That is why i specifically brought up that infamous series against the colts when we came away with 0 points and white was on the bench. If he isnt, i would very much like for you to tell me who has better numbers than he does in the last two years. (Rob bironas excluded for obvious reasons)

    I have some beach front property to sell you right off 65 south..:ha:

    You really should have stopped there. Because the coach you love to defend apparently said it was because he was late.:ha: Now we can either take your coache's flimsy excuse or you can ask us to accept an excuse you totally made up by yourself..(guess what most sane people would choose in that scenario)

    Chris johnson may be a better running back between the 20s, even a better reciever, but he does not hold a candle to Lendale white in the redzone. The numbers are so much in favor of White its not even funny. And i also have to once again say i did not at any time claim White was better than CJ.. I(I sincerely beg all to go back and read my comments about CJ instead of making arguments that need not be addressed.)

    I cant argue about your beliefs. They are yours. But i can argue that it is definitely bad logic. Same logic that Fisher apparently used to sink the team to 0-6 refusing to start VY even when it was more than obvious that Collins was doing nothing but losing. What makes things even worse is that when you look at the two situations it smirks of total hypocrisy or just out right stupidity from the coach. Lets accept this "best chance" argument for a second. Yes at the beginning of the season i can see where you make this argument. After all kerry collins did lead the team to the play offs right? Um Sir i would also like to remind you that Lendale white did prove himself as well in that very same year, carrying the ball to pay dirt 14 times, leading the whole league in that category and by comparison even out performing kerry collins.

    So if at the beginnng of the season Collins gave us the best chance to win based on the previous season's performance, why doesnt the same argument work for lendale White? Was he put on the field and he failed to perform like Collins? Was he put on the field and he fumbled the ball like Collins? What basis do you have for making such a statement without any anecdotal evidence

    Have you realized at this point in this conversation that there are some of us interested in FACTS, STATS, AND RESULTS as opposed to whimsical b/s and personal opinions of which every tom dick and harry has one or more?
    Granted that some of us have speculated on several issues regarding the lendale White vs Fisher, vs Front office situation, but our speculation is borne of observing the available facts and not inventing stories (like you attempt to do in explaining Whites deactivation from a game)

    Case and point, there is absolutely no logic in your statement that Fisher played the player he believed would give him the best chance to win. That is the very definition of illogical. All facts, stats and evidence of previous performance by far indicate that the player who gave us the best chance to win by far, was sitting on the bench while CJ was ramming his head up against defensive line men! What made it even worse, is the fact that, like in Collins case, when this nonsensical "best chance to win" argument was proven to be just that, "nonsense" Fisher continued to play the same exact player who was producing nothing but negative results until forced to make a change by Bud Adams. (Too bad Adams couldnt make the same call for White and even Harper)

    BTW if you are going to ignore all the available evidence and facts in place of your opinion, i would rather you didnt waste your time responding. Its kinda like you telling me you believe in fairies even if you have no facts to prove they exist. I cant argue with that.. Those are your beliefs and while you are entitled to them, there are of little me so i dont understand why you would insist on posting them.
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