Cj will never ever win a ring with fisher as coach

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by karmarouge, Dec 26, 2009.

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  1. karmarouge

    karmarouge Camp Fodder

    Very many of us are excited about the season Chris Johnson is having, he is the toast of the NFL world only hampered by teamates who cant seem to produce at a similar level, a lousy coach, and a speech impediment..(j/k) (honestly shouldnt it be CJ in that Nike Pro Combat commercial, instead of AP who sucks compared to CJ and no talking is required)

    But back to football. Yes many of us are caught up in the CJ for 2k hype and very few are concerned about CJ's longetivity. And like every other young stud even CJ is not looking out for his own future. I am sure if he took time out to confer with Eddie George, Carnell Cadillac Williams, LT, Shaun Alexander, to mention but a few all of them would tell him what they know now. "Its better to have 100 fewer carries a season and a longer career than one amazing season that takes two years off your shelf life as a running back and you didnt even make the play offs."

    Its been less than a year and fans have already forgotten about the reason the titans were 13-3 just a year ago. Even the young CJ (who could be forgiven for being young and youthful and as such near sighted)..IT was SMASH AND DASH!!!! Pure and simple. The same Smash and Dash CJ once brashly said he didnt want any part of earlier on in camp. And i still cant believe that i actually got into a long drawn out argument with another poster about the fact that Lendale white was being wasted away when we got the ball in the redzone. It was the most comical if not pathetic argument i have ever had the misfortune of being involved in.

    I am not gonna say that the reason this season is a bust is because we didnt play lendale white. That is but one of the many problems we have had this year. But its a significant one in many ways. Firstly Fisher tried to turn us into some abhorrent passing team under Kerry Collins and i believe attempted to pass in several 3rd and short even 4th down plays in the first 6 games we played this year.
    Emboldened by the quick long scores by CJ over what was by then the worst, most poorly prepared defense in the NFL, (the texans) Fisher seemingly decided that it was worth it to bench the previous years number one redzone running back in favor of "DASH". A very stupid gamble that is atypical of the same coach who run Eddie George into the ground and cut his career at the knees.
    Frankly speaking i was looking forward to seeing the new look lendale white. The slimmed down version that was the talk of preseason and the normally dull summer with his personally coined "Tequila diet". But even then, me and some of my friends expressed some concern about the team keeping him off the field to sink his numbers so as to muddy his market price when he becomes a free agent next season. To our horror it became true. (To be honest, there is only one other person i know who was pissed off early in the season that we were not running lendale in the redzone. Most of my buddies have bought the CJ hype, hook line and sinker.)
    And i call it CJ hype because thats all that is. Empty useless records that will be forgot as soon as the next youngest WR, punt returner, corner, qB, RB hits the field from the college ranks. Nothing but stats and record book filler but ultimately useless. Useless because the titans still wont have a ring, champion, AFC or even divisional. Lendale white has been completely neutered by the JEff Fisher moron express. Its now obviously gone beyond simple business move to sink a players free agency worth, it seems like its another personal grudge that our stupid coach has put before the team and the fans.

    NOw i see people make nonsensical posts about getting rid of Lendale white.
    Any body and i mean any body who knows an iota about football knows that this is a completely moronic thing to say! Almost every team actually features two running backs. The league has progressed that way because many have finally realized the wisdom in having two backs in your system and using them both and using them well. There is no running back that can take the pounding of the full 16 game season. And i mean NONE!!! Those days are over people. NOt when you are featuring 230lb line backers running sub 40s.. Forget it people! The numbers simply stack badly against CJ. And you dont have to look far to see this. Go look up LT tremendous decline. Go look up Shaun Alexanders fall from grace just one year after winning MVP, Go look up Eddie George's decline. I have posted before that i do bet on sports.
    Well the most profitable way to make money betting sports is to look for consistent factual game data and betting on the trend to carry through. And i will bet you folks, if CJ continues to carry the ball at this rate, I will give him 3years tops to max out. Not only that, we shall continue to lose games like this because of an over dependency on one running back. And i am willing to bet any one who wants some action on that.

    With fisher being the perfect snake oil salesman has duped the typical gullible southern fans that support the titans. He has fooled them into thinking that cheering for a pointless record, an individual achievement for a single player, is actually worth the price of the ticket! To me just the fact that CJ is close to that record irks me. It actually makes me mad. To know that we have such great talent squandered by the stupidity of an egotistical childish moron coach actually upsets me. It doesnt fill me with joy of any kind. Much as I like CJ, i feel more pity than joy for him because i know deep down inside he feels like he is being held back. In a small market, with small time coaches completely scuttling his chance at greater success.

    I dont know about you guys but i cant talk smack to steeler fans flashing all their rings, talking about that one day CJ juked whathisname out of shoes and run for the td on a fourth down play.
    I sure as hell cant talk about CJs 2000 yards to a colts fan as they prepare to go to yet another play off berth. I cant even talk smack to woeful texans fans because ultimately we shall have the same record (or close) and still be at the bottom of the barrel with them!:hmm:


    Bud Adams if you are out there. please X 1000 fire Jeff Fisher. Bring in a coach to run the VY offense and not this bool pro style nonsense that had him looking like a complete doofus out there last nite. Try and get that ring for CJ before his contract is up and you dont have the 100 mil it would take to keep him!!!
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  2. Pacman 4 HoF

    Pacman 4 HoF Special Teams Standout

    fisher probably doesnt like lendale. lendale has too much personality while jeff fisher is a monotone speaking vanilla azz mofo. since jeff doesnt like lendale, he doesnt get to play...

    it was a little better in the begining of the year... cj was gettin only 16-20 carries and lendale would get a few touches but as soon as something as amazing as a 2000 yard season looked possible, we seem to be forcing CJ the ball 25+ times per game, which i dont mind given that playoffs were never a real possibility. as long as CJ resumes his normal role of 20 carries max per game i dont think he did any harm.

    lendale can walk as far as im concerned. although we probably destroyed his value so signing him for cheap wouldnt be a bad idea. RBs are a dime a dozen and i dont really think lendale is that special. i mean, for one, id rather have pierre thomas ove lendale and he went undrafted. the list goes on.
  3. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    Apparently Lendale ruined his chances with Fisher once he got in shape and looked much faster and powerful in the preseason.
  4. Pacman 4 HoF

    Pacman 4 HoF Special Teams Standout

    btw, no one will win a superbowl with fisher as their head coach for your post
  5. SawdustMan

    SawdustMan Superhero Squad Tip Jar Donor

    Yep. Considering no player Fisher ever coached in his 15+ years has won a ring this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. :ha:
  6. karmarouge

    karmarouge Camp Fodder


    You gotta be kidding me with this statement. I wouldnt expect this from a true titans fan or some one in from the AFc south division. Sitting with the texans who completely become useless in the redzone and have managed to lose a plethora of games in that one sector of the field alone otherwise they would be better than the titans and probably headed to the play offs.

    You cant say this after we have struggled in that redzone this year and this has negatively stunted some game out comes because we settled for field goals (and in the colts rematch game, even worse, it was for no points at all)

    You cant say this after no running back has managed to duplicate Lendale whites amazing production in the redzone this year.

    Pierre Thomas who you mentioned has a god awful 3tds in the redzone this year. How exactly does that compare with Lendale whites 2008 performance? When you factor in the fact that white had 0 carries in 4 games and had 4 other games with less than 3 carries, Pierre Thomas cant even be compared to lendale white. Even with the 15 games Thomas has played.

    Could some one explain to me the logic in dumping lendale white. What exactly does a guy have to do to make the titans roster...Honestly some body. Give me one reason why you want white gone..

    Many of you sound like spoiled 16 year old girls who want daddy to return nissan altima she got for no reason at all. The car still works fine. Matter of fact performed beautifully, needing no repairs, actually saved her money on gas mileage, been fitted with a new stereo, even serviced in every way for better performance and she didnt even use it this year. But she wants it traded in for a new model. WTF people!!!

    Some one please explain to me the logic in dumping a proven quality redzone threat so that we can go hunting for another bust like Chris henry, Gunther, Jared Payton, (and the list goes on and on.)

    What exactly is the fascination in throwing away proven commodities so you can dive back into the speculation market? Some one help me here because i am hopelessly lost.
  7. karmarouge

    karmarouge Camp Fodder


    I sure as hell wont shed a tear for Nick harper not winning a ring or even donnie nickie for that matter!

    There is a reason I picked CJ. Its because a player of his caliber deserves a fair shot.
  8. World Peace

    World Peace Let's Go Boys

    I agree with alot of the things you are saying. Infact, I want to link you to a post of mine from a few weeks ago.


    (Post #23)

    Nashville may be a small market on the TV side of things, and their games do good to get regional coverage. (Sorry Memphis) The statistics show that they are the 9th most popular franchise in the NFL (With the cowboys being #1, jags dead last and I can link you to this list, if requested). I dont think they are as small of a franchise as you think.

    LP stays sold out, and when I went to a game earlier this year, I couldnt believe the seats were packed well into the 3rd quarter of a winless team getting their @ss kicked.

    As far as CJ, I agree completely and whole heartedly. I also think that Javon Ringer is a diamond in the rough. I think we will be fine lettin Lendale go, even tho we needed a red zone threat like him in the line up. How ironic would it be if he would up in Pittsburgh. He would fit in nicely there.

    You are right about Fisher for the most part. Aside from the music city miracle season where we went to the superbowl on a trick play, Fisher has won 2 playoff games since. Both by 3 points. Pit 31 Ten 34 in 02 and Bal 17 Ten 20 in 2003. It's hard to believe it... but our SB appearance was over 10 years ago. When you think about the when the merger happened, in football years, that was almost two entire generations of football players. Players have changed, and WHILE I AGREE WITH THE CONCEPT OF FISHERBALL IN PRINCIPLE AND WONT EVER COMPLAIN ABOUT A W, he has been making errors such as clock management, personnel (obviously, leaving Ryan Mouton in to return kicks is a coaching mistake.) In principle, I agree that you should never shake the confidense of one of your players, but in the NFL, those initials stand for NOT FOR LONG and if you mess up on something as simple as catching a punt, you come out of the game, because there's another person on the bench that's ready to come in and win the spotlight. Think about it... If Fisher were the coach in New England, Tom Brady may have never seen the field because Jeff would have never lost confidence in drew bledsoe. Bellichick gets alot of undeserved credit. Most halfway decent coachs would have won Superbowls with that roster. I dont see Jeff Fisher winning 1, much less 3 with NEs roster from the glory years.

    Just my 2 cents. I like being proved wrong. Come out next season and run the table. Humble cake tastes awfully good when its got Tennessee Titans icing all over it.

    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    Great thread, I agree 199%! Great thoughts your posting, I hope to continue reading your stuff (as long as your criticism of our team is constructive). Too bad the seasons over though, but you seem to know a thing or two.
  10. Pacman 4 HoF

    Pacman 4 HoF Special Teams Standout

    why would we let lendale walk? cuz hes a free agent and we dont resign players. thats what i expect to happen based on the past. im just saying lendale gone isnt that big of a deal

    lendale is replacable. just cuz he scored 15 one yard touchdowns doesnt make him the shiz. our line looked so much better in 2008 btw. often times lendale would get in untouched. not to mention, outside of the goalline the dude kills drives like eddie at the tail end of his career here.
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