CJ Spiller's Step-Grandfather Murder-Suicide

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    This is a bit of a WTF. No word on how close Spiller is to this guy:


    WCJB-TV in Florida is reporting that a man went on a shooting spree in Union County before killing himself. Three people are dead and two others injured in the shooting.
    Authorities say the shooter is Hubert Allen Jr., and WCJB identified him as the step-grandfather of Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller.
    Spiller played and started as usual during the Bills' preseason game on Saturday afternoon at Washington. He scored a touchdown in the first quarter.
    According to WCJB, Union County Sheriff Jerry Whitehead said Allen, Spiller's step-grandfather, shot a man at his former place of business, went to the business owner's farm and shot three people, then went home and shot himself. Authorities don't know a motive.

    Allen started shooting at Pritchett Trucking, where he used to work. He shot David Griffis, who is in critical condition, WCJB reported. Allen then went to Marvin Pritchett's farm and shot and killed him and farmhand Rolando Gonzalez, WCJB reported. He also shot Lewis Mabrey Jr., who is in critical condition, according to the report.
    Allen then went home and shot himself.

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    Well yea, being a Bills fan will drive you insane.
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    Somebody must have really pissed this guy off.