CJ says he’s not to blame for rushing woes

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    Dude, read my post. Brown often didn't have open holes. He hit it up into closed gaps and pushed through to bust out the other side. He didn't stop and try to bounce it wide just to be caught behind the line. Yeah, he's a bruiser but he made a lot of plays out of nothing.

    Opinion based on re-watching games and studying the issue. An opinion shared by just about everybody who has studied the issue.

    Reynaud has two carries. Harper has one (and got three yards). So three total carries by the #3 and #4 RB for the Titans is your gauge for the production of the $53 million "Coach's Dream"?

    My, how we've lowered our standards, eh?
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    CJ sucks and is a has-been. Time for Ringer to come in and save the O.
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    Just because you SAY he had no holes, doesn't mean there weren't holes. Sorry, but you're not gaining yards if you don't have holes unless your barry sanders. Listen to what you're saying, you said yourself Andre Brown is a scrub, and your trying to say he got 113 yards and 2 touchdowns with no holes? Doesn't make a lot of sense. The holes were there, at least more so than what CJ has gotten. At least Brown's offensive line was getting push, CJ's o line is essentially paper thin and weak as hell, mine as well not be out there.

    And then you're going to discredit the Giants offensive line, which has consistently been good for years now?

    Go to NFL.com and look at the andre brown highlights from last night


    See how far his o line is off the line of scrimmage when he gets to the defense? On some plays, his whole interior line is a good 5 yards past the line of scrimmage....CJ is lucky for his interior line not to be 5 yards BEHIND the line of scrimmage...

    first off, just because your opinion is shared by others still doesn't make it fact. Secondly, you're second statement is completely fabricated because I've heard plenty of opinions that aren't shared by you.


    Since 2011

    Reynaud 2 carries, 2 yards, 1.0 AVG
    Harper 18 carries, 47 yards, 2.6 AVG
    Ringer 59 carries, 185 yards, 3.1 AVG

    Johnson 281 carries, 1068 yards, 3.8 AVG
    Reynaud/Harper/Ringer 79 carries, 234 yards, 2.9 AVG

    So in almost 80 carries of runnigbacks other than CJ, all who do EXACTLY what you so desperately want CJ to do, lower their head and get as much as they can, they have all been trash.

    80 Carries is a pretty fair sample size to determine who's more effective. And 350+ carries is a more than enough to establish a crappy offensive line when not one of the 4 runningbacks has a 4.0 YPC AVG..

    Once again, I'll provide the stats, you guys keep providing those biased opinions..
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    Again, read my post. I didn't say he didn't have a hole on every carry. I said there were some plays that didn't have a hole and, due to his efforts, turned them in to decent gains.

    Show me ANY opinion from ANY journalist who says CJ is 100% blameless as he says he is.

    You do realize we have two new players on the OL and another one at another position, right?

    If you try to use stats to support an argument, it's a good idea to, at least, have the same players involved. :giggle:
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    But our o-line has CLEARLY gotten worse. Our playcalling has gotten worse. Our execution is downright pathetic. There is ZERO reason to believe that Ringer & Reynaud would run better behind a WORSE o-line than they did last year when the line has gotten 300% worse unless they somehow are hidden gems and the reincarnation of Sanders. I like Reynaud but I don't see him as a guy that's able to do anything behind this line either, not even at 3.0 YPC level.
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    geesh another thread about CJ... why can't we have just one thread about him like we did his buddy the unemployed [​IMG]

    sausage king :bump:
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    The point is those guys shouldn't do better than a player the Titans have signed to a $53 million contract. The point is he's not gotten good blocking but, in turn, he also has had opportunities and have blown it because of his hesitation, vision, lack of desire, etc. The point is he feels he is blameless when he needs to step up, face reality and share the blame.

    Does anyone think any amount of coaching will help this guy if he thinks he's playing great now? He's in denial.
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    It is weird though that he will never take any of the blame. It's like his ego is too high to even acknowledge it even though I think he knows it's true that he's not playing his best in his mind. If he would just admit that he's part of the problem as well I think most fans wouldn't give him so much crap.
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    Hey Jeff, want to take a guess at which blocking scheme the Giants are using? I will give you a hint, it's one that makes it easy for the RB to know where to go...
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