Cian Fahey on Mariota, The Overlooked Superstar

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    It's a great nickname don't you think?

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    The criticism levied toward Mariflota years 1 and 2 were deflected on scheme and coaching, but the praise were heaped onto him being an elite player.

    Cian Fahey has many, many times pointed out Mariflota's errors as a result of Whiz/Mularkey/Robiskie instead of pointing the blame on the young QB himself. He's a nut swinger and semen shields Mariflota from criticisms while gargling his nutsack when he makes a play he's supposed to make.

    Follow him on Twitter and you'll get all the Mariflota semen your little hearts desire, Homers.

    Greg Cosell is a much more objective and accurate film connoseur when it comes to praise and criticism.
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    Sorry but cosell saying wentz is far better than winston and mariota is more absurd than anything written in this article. We might need more gay comparisons to fully understand how you feel.
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    sounds like MM floated some balls over your girls face.
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    Mariota is good.

    But when you start throwing around the word "superstar" or acting like he's tops in the league... that's when it gets to be absurd.

    Nothing about his personality nor play is superstar level at this point. Hoping that changes this season.
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    His personality doesn't bother me at all. He is a great QB, but definitely not a superstar YET. When he makes the playoffs with his new weapons, and stays healthy for 16, then we can talk...
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    Yep, he has to stay healthy for 16 games. Until then he is Jake Locker.
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    Fair enough. That's your opinion. There's a reason why Fahey labeled him as an overlooked superstar. Alot of the stuff he does exceptionally well get overlooked because of a lack of explosive weapons, a run first offense, an occasional inaccurate pass, and having somewhat 2 glaring weaknesses. That's fumbling and lack of touch on his deep throws although he has made huge strides in that area. Lack of team success is also a reason. But every component is their to be an elite qb. Good decision making, can read defenses, excellent poise in the pocket, can manipulate defenders with his eyes, quick release and great footwork. It's not just that he has those traits but it's that he uses them consistently, even if it hasn't translated to team success.
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    My main criticisms of Mariota from year one to year two didn't really get any better.

    1. Inconsistency. He's a young player. It's to be expected. In year one, he threw 18 TDs(4 INTs) in six games and 1 TD(6 INTs) in the other six. In year two, he threw 21 TDs(3 INTs) in 8 games and 5 TDs(5 INTs) in the other 7.

    He needs to be better against the good defenses to be a SUPERSTAR. He feasts on the below average ones like Green Bay, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Indy, and San Diego.

    2. Fumbling. It will probably never get better, frankly. He fumbled a lot in college and he fumbles a lot now. It's not just the amount of fumbles, but he lost the ball trying to slide when no one touched him once. Hopefully he will be a good enough asset that losing some possessions over the course of the year doesn't kill us when tiebreakers start to matter.

    3. Health. Dude has twig legs. He had some minor knee injuries in college and has had them here. The broken ankle in week 16. I don't care what anyone says, he went into that second game against Jacksonville injured. He wore a brace on his lead leg all year long, but in week 16 he wore a brace on both legs.

    Game 1 against Jacksonville with one brace.

    Game 2 against Jacksonville with two braces.
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    I genuinely believe in Marcus and that he is a smart and efficient QB. I think with the added weapons, he'll be able to excel. It will also be his 2nd year with the same coaching around him which will help also. I do worry about his injuries however. This is a make or break year for him...He has to stay healthy, and he has to do better against solid defenses with his new weapons.
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