Chris Johnson set for surgery

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    Correct, but when you are the "superstar" or "every coaches dream" that level of stardum comes with responsibility. "None of the credit and all of the blame" kind of thing. There have been countless leaders in the NFL who where that badge with grace and honor. CJ does not, probably can not.
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    yea but our fans are retarded. (as a whole, not everyone looks at things as in detail as we do here)

    You should not let retarded people get under your skin so much
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    I understand. CJ did what he was supposed to for quite a while when asked about the running game woes, but gave in and defended himself publicly. that was a bad choice. I can understand both his and your frustration.
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    100% correct. I'm not defending CJ deflecting blame publicly. That was a bad idea. I'm simply saying that I do understand why he felt the way he felt. Can't go public with it though.
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    At a minimum:
    • 1300 yards rushing
    • 4.5 YPC
    • 400 rec
    • And for :cj: to accept a role as a satellite player like CJ Spiller, Percy Havin or Reggie Bush. To work on becoming a better receiver and stop insisting we play him like a guy who needs to grind it out with 30 carries a game
    I was expecting the above from him this past season.
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    He had 8 games where he had 15 or less carries & three of those games came during our 3 game losing streak after we started 3-1.

    He is not use to that, so of course he is going to complain.

    It's not that he is being selfish, or being a crybaby but the media was asking about him taking a pay cut, asking if he thinks he will be here next season. So he said what pretty much any reasonable person was thinking.

    People want to complain and say he doesn't deserve his money, but how is he going to earn his paycheck when you're not giving him the ball as much as you did when he signed that contract & on top of that, when you do give him the ball you're setting him up to fail with **** play calling and a **** scheme.
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    Moving this to the CJ thread as it fits what I am about to say

    I agree that the type of offense and play calling over the past three years has had a negative impact on CJ's production. It reminds me of Barry Sanders his last year in the league. Bobby Bethard came in and installed a power run game. Same that he used in San Diego with Natrone Means at RB. It was stupid. Barry unexpectedly retired after that season. People wondered why. Barry's father said it best when he said "Barry is not Natrone Means. It makes no sense to play him the same way."

    That being said, if Wiz does plan to instal a power run game then we might as well cut CJ. We will not get good production out of him that way.
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    I am for cutting CJ if we plan on running an offense that he doesn't fit in, totally agree that it would be a waste of his time and the team's if we were to expect him to be a power back in a power running game. However if we plan on running a balanced attack and plan on improving the OL play then I think that CJ deserves a shot to be the guy for at least this season.
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    Whisenhunt is Johnson's only hope of staying here. The Whiz probably believes he can fix C.J.

    But the fact him and Ruston wont answer the hard questions about C.J. leads me to think he's gone. But they're probably playing mind games with everyone because thats what you do before the draft.
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    Thats the thing, you CANT feed him the ball and hope like hell he breaks one

    If you go back to his first 3 seasons, his game longs were along the lines of

    6, 4, 7, 2, 1, 0, 20, 3

    Now its

    2, 1, 1, 4, 3, 2, 20

    (those are made up numbers, but you get my point)

    Now YPC wise, it can turn out to be around the same, but he wasnt boom or bust.

    You cant keep getting 3 n outs and putting our QB's in 3rd and longs, and expect to have him fed the ball. I would have straight up flipped my **** of Munch/Loggains would have fed him the ball 20+ times with the production he was getting.

    It used to be, he was a solid runner who helped move the chains. Now, you have to keep feeding him the ball and hope he breaks a bigger one, to up his YPC and not make him useless.

    He got the ball back then, as much as he did, because he was not hurting the team when he was force fed the ball. Now if you do it, its 3 and out, 3 and out, 3 and out, OH **** A BIG ONE, 3 and out.

    I hope Whiz finds a way to use him because I believe he can still be a playmaker. However I would strongly object feeding him the ball with no production, just to get our moneys worth.

    I also fully EXPECT our line to be much better next season. That will help CJ a lot as well.
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