Chris Johnson’s drops frustrating for Titans

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  1. Maker_84

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    preseason or not you should be playing hard in the time your in there. CJ is becoming a pathetic football player
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  2. Obie09

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    He deleted the previous tweet that said got my feet wet in first pee season game. So now it looks like he's laughing off preseason. If he was smart he would delete the typo correction lol.
  3. Kaeotik

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    CJ tries to avoid big hits. Always has. He's not going to focus on securing a catch on a screen pass when he doesn't know if he's going to get obliterated once he catches the ball in a preseason game. I understand some people think that's lame/weak of him, but it's the same thing he would have done in the 2009 preseason imo. To a certain degree, I'd say that it would be accurate to say he doesn't care about preseason games much. I will refrain (or reframe as KB would put it) from criticizing him until I see a lack of effort in the regular season. Surely CJ knows that he'll be destroyed by fans and media if he plays like he did last year. It was never a deterioration of skills imo for him, it was a lack of confidence in his teammates and extreme frustration more than anything if you ask me. We all know CJ is the kind of back that needs a lane to hit to accelerate quickly. It's his greatest asset. If he can't find a lane or some room to run, he's virtually useless. If he can, he can be utterly devastating to a defense. O-Line must play better than last year. No doubt about it. It's a matter of CJ gaining confidence in the blocking and the passing game hurting the other teams. I have no doubt that CJ can still do similar things like he did in 2008-2009. Perhaps not quite as explosively, but CJ cannot be effective if the blocking isn't. Just not his thing, and never was. He's just not built that way. I wish that CJ would play hard regardless of how the blockers are blocking, but that's not going to happen. I truly think CJ will be fine if the blocking is respectable and the passing game can keep the defenses honest this year. I don't feel like I'm being a CJ apologist either. I honestly just think a RB with CJ's skillset just doesn't have much of a chance to do what he does best if the blocking is sub-par and the defense is concentrating almost exclusively on stopping the running game. Fact is, if CJ thinks he's going to get hit in the backfield as soon as he takes the handoff, he's going to suck badly like he did for the first half of last year, if he thinks he's going to have a hole to hit when he gets the handoff, he can be a VERY effective back again imo.
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  4. Obie09

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    What Kaeotik said is what I've been saying for a while. Obviously those facts show that he may not be the most "complete" back in the NFL, but we could allow him to be at that elite level if we upgraded our o-line and allowed him to use his strengths. Guess we'll have to wait and see if we did enough but I'm not holding my breathe. You can say it's a built in excuse for if he struggles because it basically is but that doesn't mean it's doesn't have some truth to it.
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    This guy is still missing

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  6. Ensconatus

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    If CJ sucks it up this year I can see a replacement being drafted quick.
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    You'd think he would want to prove his contract...
  8. Kaeotik

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    Why do think he doesn't want to?
  9. TitanJeff

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    CJ did show some burst early in the game but also did a few of his backfield dances instead of hitting a seam. The drops are a carry-over from much of last year and he has to get better. Ringer pulled in a much tougher pass and was productive with it.
  10. Jwill1919

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    This is last year all over again. We now have the changes on the OLine that everyone wanted(Amano torn Triceps tendon) and Hutchinson at guard, but yet we see the same CJ. Eddie and Bulluck pointed out on a few plays that CJ should've just pressed the hole and kept it linear instead of completely bouncing and running E-W. The holes were there, the seams were there, he even had a really nice backside lane but missed it. CJ just isn't a running back anymore, he can't break an arm tackle and he needs a FREE lane in order to get anything going. This is the NFL, you don't get FREE lanes at this level and you better be able to run forward. And if we're talking about doing everything we can about getting the guy in open space, WHY DON'T YOU CATCH THE FRIGGIN BALL ON A SCREEN PASS!! There were so many of you that would whine about us not putting the ball in CJs hands on more screens, CATCH THE STUPID BALL!!

    I wonder what we could get for a CJ and Britt trade package?