Chris Henry... Aggrivating....

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by DeutschTitan, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. DJB

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    Vision is a big part of being a productive RB and when I watched Henry somehow not see a 300 pound guy running right at him and getting walloped on a return it made me wonder if he has any vision at all.
  2. MDTitansFan

    MDTitansFan Guest

    but i thought it was helmet to helmet contact:suspect:
  3. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    Maybe Henry has exceptional vision. I mean most guys couldn't make that direct of a hit on a defender even if they tried. What is the old to daylight...not into the defenders helmet.

    In all honesty I think the kid needs to be on the defense.
  4. Architect

    Architect Pain Train


    funny that you say that. He was a top recruit at LINEBACKER, but decided to go to Arizona because that was the only school that would let him play running back.
  5. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    He's got a hard head, decent size, and speed. Maybe he could play LB....but he won't.
  6. MDTitansFan

    MDTitansFan Guest

    Chris Henry had two good runs, i believe there were games were he got negative yards, terrible. He needs to work on vision, the physical part of his game is fine. Hes a good player in madden because you control him. The speed is a gamers love. lol. too bade we cant control his movements on the field.
    Our RB situation is decent at best. CB fumbles too much for my liking and if you take away his game against the jags he averaged 3.4 yards a carry. worse the
    LW is a good back, he needs to work more though. But my theory is in the NFL if you can give any guy 300 carries and he will get you a thousand yards. I think LW is heading in that label.
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