Chris Brown is a durable back.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SEC 330 BIPOLAR, Aug 20, 2006.

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    I understand your point but someone else can carry the ball too. Brown, with all his injury problems ran for as many yards total the last two years and with a higher average than Eddie the previous two years. Eddie didn't ever go to the sidelines but his production sucked. Brown is a better blocker and pass reciever than Eddie as well. If Brown can get as many yards carrying the ball 200 times as Eddie got carrying the ball 300 times that is being productive. It is the total effectivness that we are looking for in our run game. In an ideal situation I would like to see White and Brown split carries with Brown getting the bulk of 3rd down and 2nd and long and White doing more of the dirty work. Still the idea is to have success on each play not to give our iron man awards. If Payton never got hurt but ran for a yard per carry less would that make him more productive than Brown?
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    CB is not better than EG in space. EGs recieving numbers were consistently better than CBs. Only EG like recieving season CB has had was last year. Not that either one is Marshall Faulk-ish

    CBs production is erratic compared to EG. CB does take negative plays, EG rarely took a negative play.

    All yards are not created equal. Ripping a 12 yard draw on 3rd an 17 is still 12 rushing yards, but ripping 12 yards on 3rd and 4 is not only 12 rushing yards, but a first down.

    Yes CB is more dynamic than EG, but EG was more productive because he did not take negative plays and he seemed to get enough for a first down, definatly an issure with CB.
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    I fully understand your point of view Sox. Here's the thing... I like iron man awards. As I stated, I can accept Brown as a situational back. I said he could catch and pass block. He's ineffective inside so IMO that makes him easy to gameplan for. If I see something great from him Saturday I'll be praising him just as I have been knocking him... He needs to finish what he starts and exit the game strong.
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