Chow Feeling Pressure to Live Up to Expectations

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. GoT

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    jimbo Schwartzie said this after the dolt game at the Colesium "You can't blitz Manning". Said it in his post game radio interview. THERE is your problem. Not only should the Titans blitz Manning they should hit him every play, even if they have do go into a Benny Hill chase scene to get it accomplished. Schwartz is a Moneyball guy who apparently does not understand that Xs and Os are just part of a good D.
  2. Titansfan10

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    Honestly....i cant see us even being that bad at all....we upgraded almost all positions, the only question mark could only be the corner back position, but if Pacman avoids getting arrested and Hill improves upon last season...then we should be good. If KVB stays healthy and has another awesome year then we should definitly have a legitimate more thing....Will Chris Hope really be that big of a difference from when we had Tank Willams at 100%...can Hope lay the wood like Tank could?
  3. TitanJeff

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    How is any scheme going to work when a player decides to do things their own way?
  4. TitanJeff

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    He was to be paid $10 mil.
  5. sirjesse

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    I am dissapointed in how weak chow sounded...........McNair should get his way? I guess he has......all the way to Maryland.
  6. twoseven

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    It's not . thats why Fisher should of been on top of this . you know Chow wasnt going to cause any waves in his first year, plus trying to learn himself. But we all know how Fisher is loyal to his players which is ok but McNair wasnt hitting on much last season . IMO Fisher needs to be alot harder on these guys who make millions but couldn't tackle if their lives depended on it. I sure hope he gets them in gear this season because i think he is a good coach .

    BY THE WAY : to whoever was talking smack about Swartz , i agree 100 % he hasnt shown me a darn thing the whole time he has been here . im starting to think he has pictures of Bud and a farm animal , because he should have been gone 2 years ago.
  7. TitanJeff

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    All we heard entering last season was how Chow was only going to simplify the playbook, get the ball out of the backfield faster and exploit mismatches. But as early as the preseason we saw new formations so I think Chow made more changes than originally expected.

    Fisher had to approve these changes. I can't imagine he'd handcuff Chow by allowing McNair to do things his way if it impacted the success of the offense. If he did, then you have another instance of Fisher losing control.

    I'd love to hear Chow explain in more detail exactly what these items were and if he felt it impacted the effectiveness of the offense.

    BAMARON Camp Fodder

    I'm not much at butt kissin'...but I think you're pretty close to the problem.

    I got a few chuckles and had some bullets aimed at me for saying that any player who can't get his attitude right can pack it up CUT 'EM....I don't care who they are...And yes, as a practical matter I know that contract situations want allow that to happen...but that should be the attitude.

    That's one reason I'm glad the McNair era in Tennessee is over...

    However attitude reflects leadership...No good coach should let any player run over him..And the head coach has got to be the HEAD COACH.

    I happen to think that Jeff Fisher is one of the best, but too much crap was tolerated last year...

    On a bright note, it does seem that the staff and players "seem ?" to understand the new "get it together" plan.....I HOPE
  9. MacNine

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    If McNair was allowed to do this his way, why didn't the Titans run any shotgun plays? McNair feels comfortable with it and has success running it.
  10. fltitan

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    Its amazing how great coordinators are when they have talent and how bad they are if they dont. I believe Steve played last year as if it was the last year of his contract knowing he wasnt going to resign for the money Reese would offer him and playing not to get seriously injured. He had a good passer rating by dumping 5 yard passes to tight ends when many times he had guys open down the field. The defense had 2 starting rookie corners and that prevents you from doing a lot of things on defense. I believe Chows offense will be much better this year and if the D isnt greatly improved Schwartz should be fired. Its also time someone said that Munch and Washburn didnt do much of a job last year either well they didnt, our OL was terrible and we gave up a lot of 100yd rush games last year and that starts with the DL. All our coaches need to do a much better job this year not only the coordinators but position coaches as well.
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