Chiefs & Titans Success? It's "Fisherball"

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Oct 3, 2013.

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    When it's firing on all cylinders, Fisherball is a great strategy. But as we've discussed before, the problem with it is its success is entirely dependent on a great run game AND a great defense. If either one of those breaks down you're most likely going to be in trouble. When you're averaging 3.0ypc, it's not the greatest strategy. When you don't have have a hard-nosed defense that can get off the field, it's not the greatest strategy.

    Basically, I think Fisherball can be an excellent strategy on an individual game basis. But I don't think it's a very good strategy for long-term success given the current dynamics of the league. If you insist on running Fisherball consistently, you still need to have an effective passing game in today's NFL. Because eventually your run game and/or defense are going to let you down. And there's the rub, if you have an effective passing game, why aren't you leaning on it more in the first place? Why are you playing Fisherball?

    Everyone from coaches to players to analysts to fans openly acknowledge that it's a passing league now. So if you think you have a highly efficient passing game, then by god use it.
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    The Jets was leading redzone defense before our game vs. them. We scored TD on every trip there, as I recall.
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    Stats such as that are so skewed this early in the season though. Only 4 games have been played. (E.G. If we had played the Jags instead of, say the Chargers, obviously our % would look better)

    Regardless, it is still a cause for concern.
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    Jeff thanks for the write up. I agree we resemble the titans of old with our play style right now. Bringing up prevent D just makes my skin crawl. I hate allowing teams to catch 5 to 10 yard balls all the way down the field with only 3 rushers. I would rather give up a play while rushing 4 or 5 as to see the soft zone.
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    Fisherball started even before the move to Nashville. Back in the Oilers days. Right from the time Fisher took over for Jack Pardee in 1994.
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    It's all about balance. Keep the mistakes to the minimum and win the time of possession. If you can take a 6-8 minutes of the clock to score that's a lots of wind out of the opposing defence and its time that the opposing offence is warming the bench helplessly. I have no issue with that kind of play.

    Chip Kelly is finding out the hard way that running up a score is not as great as it seems if you're not taking any time off the clock to do it. Moons run and shoot days were exciting but the Oilers couldn't run very well. The Offence was all or nothing.

    Neither the Chiefs or the Titans are running the ball very well. We're both using the short passing game to compensate for this. Thankfully the Titans can actually change gears and go deep and score quickly when we need to.

    Our running game is poor and our defence is a no name defence playing well as a unit. Zach Brown, Verner are are only noteworthy players on defence but who cares if it works. We were very lucky to have Eddie George healthy and effective for so long. Maybe Greene can bring some of that smash mouth to our running game when he's finally healthy.
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    You make it sound like Fisher never allowed for a deep pass. I'm speaking in general here. And the lead was huge.
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    You can add Jurrell Casey to that list.
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    Exactly, I look at the teams they've played... no wonder there defensive stats look amazing.

    Jacksonville - 30th in Passing, 31st in Rushing
    Dallas - 21st in Passing, 19th in Rushing
    Giants - 10th in Passing, 30th in Rushing
    Eagles - 11th in Passing, 1st in Rushing

    Only great offensive team they faced was Philly, in which they allowed 431 total yards.
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    You are defining Fisherball as run-first, tough-d, time of possession football. And it is, in part.

    But what makes Fisherball special is the near damn strategy of letting teams catch up just to run clock. I don't see the Titans D doing that, or playing prevent D with a lead. As Smash said, going for it on 4th down is not Fisherball. Throwing deep to Nate Washington with a big lead is not Fisherball.

    To say the Titans are playing "Fisherball" right now is an insult to this team.

    At least in my world, Fisherball should always have a negative connotation. I'd go so far as to say we really didn't play "Fisherball" from 99-03. Fisherball is loser ball and it's what he turned into because of he who shall not be named.
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