Chance was a GREAT pick.

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    No way we can say he is a bad pick or great pick at this point. There were stud, can't miss LTs taken before Warmack that had bad seasons.

    If I had to do it over I would have taken Fluker instead. He could play OG or OT. Fluker had a nice year and even had to pay some LT his rookie year. We could have started him at OG, had as good of an OG with the option of moving him to RT this year.
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    Are you implying that his season would have unfolded exactly the same way it did, leading to a broken leg no matter where he was drafted? I'll give you a hint, it wouldn't have.

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    How do you know tho? A guy has a weak leg then Im sure hed find a way to hurt it any way anywhere
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    Warmack was supposed to change our team. Our team would have been exactly the same with any 2nd or 3rd rd pick at guard. For being a universally liked pick by the "experts," he sure looked bad this season.

    He may not end up being a horrible pick.. But to say he was a great pick after he was fairly sucky this season is a stretch. Doesn't matter if you play all 16 games if you're not a good NFL player.

    Once he does 16 games each for a decade, ill start talking about "great pick." So far, we would have been better off by trading our top 10 pick for more picks, or a player that would actually contribute something.
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    As long as we had our cbs 10 yards off of the rec, it didn't matter who was on our Dline. The steel curtain could have been our front four, and qbs still would have had time to get to the rec (esp on 3rd down).

    Bottom line: if you wanted to go offense in last year's draft, then you liked the pick.
    If you wanted Def (esp Dline), then you don't like the selection.
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    It wasn't really a matter of which side of the ball you wanted to draft, it was more about value. Guards aren't worth a top ten pick. If they were more than three would have been selected there since 1997.
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    Im implying reality. Reality being that Cooper missed the whole damn season. How does that make him a better prospect than Warmack, who stayed healthy and now has a year of experience?
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    Any player taken in the first round of the NFL should be a difference-maker. Warmack may well become that player for then next eight seasons but, right now, he's far from it.

    If he doesn't make major strides this season, I think it's safe to say the Titans totally missed on what kind of player Warmack could be. He may end up a solid starter but that wouldn't mean he was overvalued by the Titans in taking him so early.

    I liked the pick but it was obvious he wasn't anywhere close to NFL-ready. I do think we saw improvement late in the season which is encouraging.
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    It was a safe pick, guards typically are not labeled as busts. However, I would have liked to see us trade down last year and get a Jarvis Jones in the first round then get the honey badger in the early second. But, can't change the past, at least we didn't get a QB, and at least both Hunter and Warmack got better as the season progressed. :clap:
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    I can respect that because that is very accurate. However, I was tired off our Oline being so piss poor for years (esp at guard). I saw Chance in college manhandle top notch DTs. I figure he will be able to help us over the next decade.
    DT rotate every 3 to 4 plays. Chance played every offensive snap last year, as a rookie. That has to mean something.