Chance Warmack was Really Bad in 2013

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Fry, Apr 22, 2014.

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    His upside is just too big for me too ignore. He may be raw but everyone forgets he had monster production in a major college conference. If 10 sacks and 20 tackles for loss is what he can do while "raw" I can't wait to see what the guy can do when polished. Everyone hypes up Ziggy now but when you look at his college production Barr blows him away.

    His Junior year Ziggy played in 12 games totaling 7 tackles (only 3 solo) and 0 sacks
    Barr's Junior year he played in 14 games totaling 83 tackles (21.5 for a loss) and 13.5 sacks

    His Senior year Ziggy played in 13 games totaling 62 tackles (13 for a loss) and 4.5 sacks
    Barr's Senior year he totaled 66 tackles (20 for a loss) and 10 sacks.

    If we look at the combine measurables the only areas Ziggy bests Barr is 6 more bench reps (21-15) and .03 secs in the 40 4.66-4.63 (Barr did run a 4.4 on his pro day though). Barr beat or matched him in everything else.Gotta consider Ziggy was 15 pounds heavier but the stats are at the very least comparable.

    Barr isn't perfect but looking at this Ziggy seems to have been by far the riskier pick. If Ziggy was worth being taken at 5 Barr is easily worth being taken at 11. We have Horton who is one of the best defensive minds in the sport and Barr's ex college coach. That sounds like a recipe for success to me.
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  2. Scarecrow

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    I can't be the only person not worried about Barr's bench press. The guy has long arms, thats going to lower your reps.
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  3. Fry

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    And he went on to bench 225 19 times at his pro day. What's the issue? That's two less than Clowney.
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    Its people who don't know what they are talking about. Maybe they spent time in the weight room, but don't exactly understand WHY they are getting stronger, or WHY they aren't noticing gains. Like reading a book and not getting anything from it. Its the autopilot of the mind, AKA 'I watch too much ESPN'. In short, stupid stupid people.

    Barr is raw, but we have known that for a LONG time. I don't see him falling that far because he hasn't done anything to hurt his draft stock.
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    gym nerds.
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    Weight room stats aren't everything.....It has been proven again and again over time. I remember when Broderick Bunkley went to the Birds and he was a straight animal in the weight room.......Yeah.....Broderick Bunkley.....exactly. That being said, I think Barr did just fine at the combine and he will probably end up being decent in the NFL, I just don't personally want him because he is a development project, which they don't need as of right now.
  7. The Hammer

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    There were a lot of people hoping for it.

    xpmar9x looking at you :p

    And I still think he will be great. Just needs some time and coaching.
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    Well Runyan and Stewart were mid round picks who were not expected to be good right away. The point about Hopkins is a good one and I have been making it as well as he was a very high pick. And if I remember correctly Hopkins struggled some in his second year as well and some in the media were calling for him to be moved to guard.

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    Travis Henry is the guy I use as a measuring stick for who's "strong" and who jerks around in the weight room. That guy could throw down in the weight room, benching something like 500lbs coming out, that stiff arm was viscous!
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    haters going to hate
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