Training Camp Center of attention: Velasco shines, Vlachos stuggles vs Falcons

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, Aug 7, 2012.

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    I don't agree with your list, i'm not saying your wrong, it could happen that way, but I dont agree....

    If we carry 9, Troy Kropog gets the nod over Stingily & Durand for sure. I've seen him play in real games and he's done really well most of the time. Where as Stingily/Durand are, to my knowledge, are untested.

    Also, since we lost our starting center combined with the fact that Velasco is more suited for Guard then Center; in the event Hutch/LeRoy go down (which is very possible), Vlachos might be more important then Stingily/Durand. I say this because Velasco would probably be moved to Guard as he is the best of those three, and Vlachos is a natural Center out of Uni, so he might get the nod over the other two at Center.
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    The timing of Amano's injury couldn't have been better. Letting Velasco have basically a full training camp to gel with the OL.

    I still don't understand what has happened with Leroy Harris. Reportedly he was the top ranked center on the titans board when we drafted him. In his limited action at center I thought he did pretty well besides a few botched shotgun snaps. Yet their is no talk of him playing center at all. Could he just not make the calls or something?
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    After reading this i feel even more confident in Velasco:

    "Fernando Velasco is now the lead guy at center with Eugene Amano gone for the year. Velasco, Hasselbeck and Munchak all fielded questions about the most important adjustment the quarterback have to make to the new guy snapping the ball. The answers varied from the center-QB exchange, to making silent counts work to the line calls. Velasco said he wants to authoritatively make calls, even if they include an occasional mistake. “Go with the call, if it’s wrong, we’re wrong together,” he said. “Don’t be scared of pulling the trigger on certain calls.”"

    Sounds like a leader talking. I love it

    -i dont have a direct link, just from the afc south blog at espn:
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