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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Chance9, May 11, 2013.

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    There was a celebrity basketball in my town this evening for the pat summit foundation, there were a lot of stars including Colin McCarthy, T.O and roman Harper playing. I got a chance to talk to them and was surprised how athletic McCarthy is.. He can move around really well for a MLB. Him and roman were very friendly and talked with me for about 15 mins and took pics with us. Nate Washington was supposed to be there as well as gorilla Zoe and bubba sparx but they didnt show. I never really believed the media when they said t.o was selfish and was a me first player and locker room cancer but man he was the rudest person there, he brushed kids off and was reluctant to sign autographs. I see why he got the rep he has now. Just thought I woul share for anyone interested..
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    Good to hear about McCarthy. At least we know he's not injured anymore.
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    Hopefully he can stay that way.
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    That's was wht I was telling him, to take it easy and watch his ankle... He said he wasn't taking any chances and he was just going to be shooting 3s... He and roman were probly the two most competitive there, they talked with each other more than anyone.. Roman was talkin about how big it was for us to get "his guy" Gregg Williams on our staff and he loved what were were doing with our defense especially signing wilson and pollard he thinks that was huge for us as well as the direction munchak has us going. Also said he thinks locker will be the guy and come thru for us and really liked the chance warmack pick.
  5. The Hammer

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    Was McCarthy injured during the game?
  6. Smash

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    No, afterwards, while signing autographs. Broke his hand.
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    Good to hear
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