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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by RollTide, May 8, 2014.

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    Derek Carr with our first pick and Davante Adams in the 2nd is the best way to go in this draft. We could i suppose look to trade back with one or both of those picks and still get these guys but that is a risk especially in rd 1 but if they think they can trade back to 16 or even 20 and still get Carr go for it. I think Derek carr is the best QB in this draft for this team. Davante Adams his best Wr at fresno is a solid 2nd rd prospect.

    There is a whole thread on Carr and others on the QBs so i'll focus on Adams. Think of a bigger version of Kendall Wright. Adams is a big strong body receiver who has incredible ball skills and the biggest catch radius in the draft. He's 6'1 with long arms and a 39.5 vertical. On sports science his catch radius was #1.

    Adams is like a RB with the ball in his hands and is built like a RB. Fresno used it's WRs on running plays often and he would be good on quick screens something they ran a lot. While seen more as a possession receiver because he doesn't have great speed(Neither does kendall) he would be great on third and 7 and in the red zone. He runs the fade better than anybody.
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    I don't want any lectures about bigger needs. we met all our basic needs on defense in free agency. We have no proven franchise QB right now and even if you think Locker is at that level he is an UFA after this year. Maybe they don't want to use $18M a year in cap space on him if they already have a guy just as good playing on a rookie contract at $2.5M a year.

    Adams adds depth and versatility to a position where you need 4 quality guys. Washington will be gone after this year and Adams after a year under his belt could be a starting caliber guy in 2015.
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    I agree with you RT about Carr. Not so much about Adams, I think we just have bigger needs right now.. I do like Adams though. Carr fits the Whiz QB mold and is secretly the best QB in the draft.

    Trade back to 16 (Dal gets Barr or Donald) & pickup a 3rd in return.

    #16 - Carr
    2nd - Hyde
    3rd - CB, WR, or ILB (I like Skov)
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    That could work
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    16 - Derek Carr
    2nd - Carlos Hyde
    3rd - WR (Allen Robinson, Donte Moncrief, Davanta Adams, Jared Abbrederis)
    4th - Shayne Skov
    5th - Ross Cockrell (CB, Duke)

    I'd be thrilled with that. Carr our future QB, Hyde our future RB, pickup a 3rd WR for the outside (Hunter on the other, Wright in the slot, assuming Wash is gone after next year), Skov fights w/ Brown for a starting ILB spot, Cockrell is more competition for Coty, BWW, & Camp.
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    I'll actually be pretty upset if we get a RB in the second round, if there is a good defensive player that falls. It is pointless to get a lead back when we plan on using multiple backs. You can find a capable late round guy to throw in. (Morris and Stacy were late picks and are both lead backs)
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    2 weeks ago you were making fun of people that talked about trading back because it never happens and now you are suggesting it as a possibility. Mother ****ing shortbus
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    If not Adams in the 2nd then perhaps Moncrief or Lee if he falls. This is the best draft for Wrs in 20 years and at least 11 guys worth a 2nd rd grade or better. I would like us to get one.

    Why is it ok to have 3 RBs in rotation but a Wr is a luxury? We use 3 or more WRs at least 50% of the time but never 3 RBs at one time. We are paying our 2 top Rbs $7.3M and that is still a major need area? That's f*cked then.

    If not a WR in rd 2 then a TE if Amaro or Saferin-Jenkins is there. Especially JSF who I think is as good a prospect as Ebron.

    If we can trade back and get a 3rd rd pick then I like a CB in the third and a RB in rd 4. I don't want to use a high pick just on a space eating D-lineman or a mediocre ILB prospect.
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    Brandon Coleman in the 3rd/4th. That is all.
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    Saw this on another forum days ago so either you and some guy have the same idea you stole it or it's also you on another forum