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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Tennessy XO, Jan 22, 2013.


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    Thats what it is, seeing all the carnage and stuff. Those images stick with you for a long time.

    The EMT's that responded to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting last month all had to quit and seek therapy. They couldn't even sleep after seeing what they saw.

    I respect what those men and women do for others, but I'd rather have none of those jobs.
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    After awhile you get desensitized to stuff. Every job in those kinds of fields like medicine, morgue/funeral home work, police, firemen, etc. You gotta be able to deal with it. After so many dead bodies, they stop becoming scary, and just become dead bodies.
    Not that I'm there, but that's what I gather from friends/family in firefighting/police.
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    Are you a rapper?
  4. Tennessy XO

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  5. Tennessy XO

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    I've already been up to my elbows in the worst parts of the city for the last three years.

    The city has its issues but I think I will go ahead and get my hands dirty here. Get through the academy, get certified and make it through probation. Then I can go anywhere I want which would most likely be back to Tennessee.

    I have certain things keeping me here currently...
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    My friend is a trooper and is trying to get me to join as well. It seems like a good job but not sure if I want to do that or just be a city cop
  7. Tennessy XO

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    Thank you all for your feedback on this.
  8. TBaker34

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    If you dont mind what board is that?
  9. Tennessy XO

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    What is holding you back?
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    I think this was the forum, for some reason it is not letting me get into the site.

    OK, now it is, that is it.

    When I got out of the Marines, it was always a first or second place career field between that and aviation. I moved to Memphis to start at Embry Riddle down there and take more time deciding what I wanted to do.

    Unknown to me at the time, but Memphis has a HUGE aviation job sector and I managed to snag a pretty good job that let me get an excellent foot in the door.

    Fast forward to a year and a half later, I had just lost my job, was just a few months short of the experience required to move up to a higher paying job. So I continued going to school and did some more research about going into law enforcement. I had no ties to Memphis, so I was eyeing the Nashville area.

    I decided that overall, while I think I would make a good LEO, that I do not like the direction that the country is headed in, and not in a political sense. It seems the overwhelming reaction to anything involving police is to place blame on the officer no matter what went down. You can see this sort of thing in the Kenny Britt and McClain thread. I have no problem being recorded, in fact, I would prefer it, but with the way things go these days you never know when the camera is being turned on.

    Another thing that extends is my experience in the military. It is a huge good ol boy network, and it isn't always a bad thing if you are in a well run shop. I did not want to wind up in a corrupt department and find myself blacklisted because I did not want to keep quiet. I think I am a fairly honest guy and I did not find myself fitting in with this sort of crowd. I understand it might not be a huge problem, but I didn't want to chance it. Its great when everyone has each others back, its not so great when they throw you to the wolves.

    From the stories I have read, it is a real dog eat dog world. I am still working on my degree, and that is a huge bump as far as promotions go. I can handle authority, but nothing, NOTHING, grinds my gears more than someone pulling rank or piss poor leadership. I kind of wanted to be out of that situation all together.

    Another reason is I really did not want to be around those guys that have stuck around too long and have been jaded by the stresses of the job. Or those that think that the badge is some sort of immunity. First thing first, that badge does mean something. No it does not mean you can break laws, but you better be squared away. You would be representing everything that LEO's should be representing, law, order, dignity, respect, just generally an overall good person. Too many people think that badge makes you into something you are not.

    What really ended it was an unexpected job offer that got me back into aviation, I felt that I had too much time invested into it to just give up on it and go after something else that I was not sure about. I guess in the end, I really did not want to end up with the stresses of the job away from the job. I am not talking about the violent things that you would take home with you, but the political parts of the job. I don't see this as a job you can just leave at work.
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