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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titaneers, Aug 23, 2012.

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    Safety Robert Johnson got his second straight preseason start on Thursday in place of Jordan Babineaux and finished with three tackles.

    Johnson made one costly mistake, allowing Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald to get behind him for a 53-yard completion late in the first half. Arizona would score a touchdown five plays later, cutting Tennessee’s lead to 17-10.

    “I lost track of the ball,” Johnson said. “I don’t give up long passes and I gave it up. I was disappointed, but (Jason McCourty and Michael Griffin) talked to me on the sideline and said, ‘It’s one play, let it go.’ It was just a first-year player in that situation making a mistake, but it’s not going to happen again.”

    Johnson played well into the second half and nearly came down with an interception on the last play of the third quarter.

    “It felt good overall. I’m starting to slow the game down in my head,” he said. “I know the defense and I’m even starting to know the offense now. We did a scouting report on the Cardinals, so some of their formations and stuff, I knew it when I was out there and it felt good.”

    Source: Titans Insider
  2. Titaneers

    Titaneers Ultimate Player

    this is great... we're getting on espn and stuff because locker is playing.. FINALLY some popularity
  3. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    I don't think anyone else has mentioned this but we had a nice crowd tonight. Especially when compared to other pre season games. I know it was a primetime game and everything but still nice to show support during the pre season.

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    This might make cuts a little easier

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    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    This is what preseason is for, making mistakes and learning

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  6. TheBisco

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    For sure. I had to eat money for tonight's ticket and work, but had a friend who had never been to a Titans game before, totally an SEC dude, who caught Titan fever after just a preseason game, tonight.
    This defense has such a bright future I almost had tears in my eyes. This is what a Titans team is supposed to look like.
  7. TorontoTitanFan

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    Offensive linemen are definitely allowed to catch deflected balls and advance them up the field. I don't know where you got the idea that they have to bat them into the ground. I've never heard that. They sometimes do, in order to prevent catching the ball deep in the backfield and taking a loss on the play (it's better to have an incomplete pass). But, they are definitely allowed to catch deflected passes and run with the ball.
  8. tnfan47

    tnfan47 Let's Get It

    I noticed Campbell is awful at CB.
  9. Psychop1

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    Because it is still a pass and offensive linemen are still ineligible receivers. Can you show me the rule that says offensive lineman can catch passes in certain situations? I'd really just like to know more about this. Years ago, I remember watching the Titans get penalized (illegal touching) because our guard (can't remember who) caught a batted pass.

    Found the rule myself:

  10. TorontoTitanFan

    TorontoTitanFan Pro Bowler

    Yep, that's the one. Any deflected pass is fair game for every player on the field.
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