Cap space numbers for AFC South teams

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Jan 16, 2009.

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    You do realize that your twisted panty rant does not change the fact that my post was true don't you? You also realize that this thread had died 3 days before you brought it back don't you? Keep trying to convine yourself that Buds Duds are a respected team. You might even find people on this board to agree with you. Just don't expect anyone older than 25 that isn't a Titans fan to agree with you.
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    Let's see if I understand - in your world:
    the 49ers with 5 super bowl wins and a 7-9 record last season
    the Raiders with 3 super bowl wins and a 5-11 record last season
    the Packers with 3 super bowl wins and a 6-10 record last season
    are all respected more than the Titans with 0 super bowl wins and a 13-3 record last season
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    Haha you rooted for that team for 30 years more than me! :neener:
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    lmao at the weak *** pointless post..
    convincing and making a point aren't your strong points.. are they?

    Use facts.. not imagination when trying to make a point. What do you mean your post was true? Why would it be true? I showed you using facts that you're full of bs.. yet you respond with this:

    whats next, "its true because i said so?" :ha:

    And so what if this thread had died 3 days ago? I really don't mind bumping back threads which are months (not days) old to point out a retarded post and laugh at it some more when I feel a little down. :makefun: And what easier prey than the sorry Cows and their sorry fans..

    Besides.. I really do appreciate the existence of the Houston Texans and their fans. Whenever i feel down about the Titans, its comforting to know that there exists a team in cow county which actually has a fan base.. heck it always makes me feel better. You know, kinda like comparing the bruise on your leg to the guy across the street who doesn't have a leg.. always makes you feel good to feel sorry for fans of the Texans and Lions who have it 10 times worse.

    Now if I could only donate a nickel or two to ease your suffering, it would make me feel much better. I'll tell you what.. I'll drink more milk if it'll help..

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