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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by paraconspiracy, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. paraconspiracy

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  2. Figures don't lie but liars figure.
  3. Gunny

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    Among others, Reggie Wayne and Edge have no cap cost dont forget.
  4. Titantonic

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    That cap number includes huge numbers for Hopkins and Olson (about $10 million each from what I've been told), which is why you can wave bye bye to them unless they re-negotiate by many million. Also, re-negotiating McNair will save a lot more. People who study such things say releasing Hopkins and Olson and re-negotiating McNair to a manageable figure will get us $20 million under. Not bad at all.
  5. titansfan9

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    Yeah, right now, I heard, 20 million under is very possible. You can sign some solid FA's with that. Koren Robinson and David Givens are some.
  6. Titantonic

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    According to JTB, who has become quite a knowledgeable cap guy, by simply refusing to pick up the $50 million McNair bonus we save $12-million off the figure that's shown at askthecommish. Even though we'd add a million to McNair's salary in order to do it that way and he'd have a pretty high cap number, it would still get us about $2 million under the cap before we even dealt with Hopkins and Olson. We're actually in pretty good cap shape.
  7. Big TT

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    :ha: Also, as far as the dolts go don't forget and peytons new contract was very, friendly the first couple of years after that they will have to pay up. Especially if they keep buckwheat oh, I mean the Edge.:ha:
  8. GLinks

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    Reese projected last season we would be $8 mil under. If we can beat that, that would be great. A few key FA pickups - vet leadership - and we may be okay next year. It'll be nice to have room to breathe.
  9. Declining McNair's option won't save $12M. The option itself only counts $12.5M under this year's cap. But then you add in the $1M for not picking up the option, plus any future prorated guaranteed money that would normally count from 2007-2009. I'm not sure exactly how much that going off memory, but it's something like $5M-$8M. So we'd save more like $4M or $5M...
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