Can J.J. Watt be the best defensive player ever?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. CJtheBeast

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    Nah bruh. Haynesworth was way more beastlier.
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  3. ColtKiller

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    I can back up JJ with numbers, bruh. You can't, bruh. In fact, bruh, idk why I'd even argue with someone who still swears by VY
  4. GTFO my pancakz

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    Didn't Haynesworth miss 2-4 games in 08 because of injury. I remember it being toward the end of the season. If he was healthy some of you may change your mind. AH made our entire defense rediculous. Texans defense was nowhere close to how we looked in 08'. AH was the reason that D was so dominant. JJ didn't make his squad look that great and as we all know here stats are not everything. Look at McNair.
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    VY was a beast too. Didn't like them numbers huh? That's why I don't even try to argue anymore.

    To say that Watt hasn't played with anybody is a stretch. In 2011 they were 4th in points allowed. 2nd in yards allowed. Watt wasn't the only playmaker on that defense. He was beastly. But not as beastly as Haynesworth. Yes Watt got sacks and blocked passes, but your discounting what Haynesworth brought to the table too.

    Haynesworth was completely collapsing the line. Not through finesse but through brute strength. He was dominating double teams consistently and disrupting plays (a stat that doesn't show). He doesn't have the bats or the FF but that wasn't his style. He was a mauler who would either get a sack, force a quick throw, or allow someone else to get a sack at will.

    If you went back and looked at tape of both, Haynesworth's season would be more impressive. Watt is a very good player. And will be better than AH over his career, but Haynesworth has had a better year than Watt has had yet.
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    AH had a season that did redefine what everyone wants at DT. Everyone thought Suh was going to be a guy like that but has fell off. I am not taking anything away from Watt, but AH changed the way that position was viewed and it has not been done by anyone else. ****, Jared Allen and Aldon Smith(although a linebacker) have almost an identical impact as Watt. Watt *could* be the best defensive player ever, but he has only had one standout season. ****, guy has been in the league what.....two years now? Let him finish writing his story.
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    If AH was the reason why that defense dominated then why were they so good in a game he didn't play in? Jason Jones had 3 sacks and 3 ff in that Steelers game while AH watched from the bench.

    That titans defense had a lot of good players like KVB, Finnigan, Bulluck and Tony Brown. Good role players like Dave Ball. Both our safeties made the pro bowl that year.

    It was not all AH.
  8. GTFO my pancakz

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    Bulluck was the only other good player on that D and Finnegan was decent at that time. That's it.

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    Its worth noting the Steelers O-Line was a disgrace that game.
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