Campbell, Verner struggle

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    The majority of us wanted a cornerback early or a legit starting caliber FA - we got neither. Then Richard Marshall got cut for salary reasons and we slept on him. Typical Titans BS, hoping our rookies develop or content with our average talent. Verner will be gone in free agency next year, which will force us to draft a CB (because we have no money). We also don't have a 3rd rounder, so look for a CB/FS/OT/DE in 2 rounds... somehow.
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    A rush fixes everything. For our secondary's sake, we better hope we find a way to get a good rush.
  3. xpmar9x

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    Being saying this forever. I hope Tommie does turn into a stud, but he won't. He's tall and fast. Mentally and physically doesn't have what it takes to be a legit corner in the league. I pray he proves me wrong.

    He's 6'3 205 and can't press cover to save his life. Gets beat & trys to use his speed to catch up. Can't read routes, jumps for INTs way too much, below average tackler, gets silly penalities... but hey he's fast/tall.
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    Webb is technically a WR turned QB turned WR again. He's also 6'4" 235 or so. No shame in getting mauled by a guy like that.
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    Verner needs to move back to nickel. That is his bread and butter he is quick and instinctive those are the two biggest attributes to playing the nickel. He can match up better from there with shifty WR's and the NFL is all about match ups.

    Tommie needs to stay outside, he can only get better by playing and at least if he sucks after 4-6 weeks we can try BWW but I would rather let Tommie hopefully figure it out than move Verner and make 2 positions weaker rather than one. I think Sensabaugh is close but we know what we have in Verner this gives Coty another year before he takes over when ATV leaves.
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    Yea. That ship has sailed. Good try guys... Time to move on and draft another height/speed/weight guy to polish. Campbell is a lost cause.
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    I think that Verner will move inside in nickle packages with TC being the outside guy. But in base Verner will be the starter.