Cam Newton the next VY?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Ghost, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. GoT

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    I missed that one, but I did catch it on TV.

    Nobody came looking for me though...
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    Cam has all the talent in the world and I was a pretty big fan of his leading into this season - but his "immaturity" issues are obviously arising now that Carolina is having an awful year. He's calling coaches/playcalling out, he closes his eyes during losses in post game conferences, seems like a cry baby - lost a lot of respect for him. If you want to see a "pro" look at RGIII on how he composes himself. Light years more mature than Cam and VY for that matter. My man-crush goes from Newton to RGIII!!!

    The knack on Cam coming out of College was that he is immature, not that accurate and NOT a LEADER all are panning out and its a shame because I wanted him to succeed - he still has time but man he just doesn't seem like he "gets it."
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  3. GoT

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    he got payed though and thats all him and his pay daddy care about
  4. TheSureThing

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    They also both went to Steve McNairs camp as teenagers.

    And most all NFL players have immaturity issues, they're millionaires from a game! They essentially won a lottery. Very few of them know how lucky they are.

    And Carolina didn't build around Cam? What? Have you not seen how many option plays they run?
  7. Thaddeus43

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    Give it about 5 years

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    I stupidly assumed Cam=Vince 2 years ago, then I heard him speak and how he handles adversity, Cam is a smooth character. Yea he pouts, but I would too if my team was 1-5 with no signs of hope.

    In 2009 after we started 0-6 I threw my dinning room table through a door (that was closed).
    When youre losing you get mad, nothing wrong with that. He's still a young guy, he'll grow up and see his actions effect those around him.
  9. Finnebosch

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    Though this is the reason I wasn't a huge Cam Newton fan two years ago it's a non story at this time.
  10. The Hammer

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    To be fair, it is more than color. David Carr was never any good to begin with. Same with guys like Kyle Boller, Ryan Leaf, Joey Harrington. I would also not compare either to guys like Akili Smith or Byron Leftwich were were also busts. However, I would compare both to Matt Leinart.

    Cam does share similarities with Vince:
    • Both were rookie of the year and regressed in their second year
    • Both are excellent runners
    • Both were big college superstars who faced no real on field adversity
    • As such neither had a chance to learn how to deal with failure
    • Making things worse, both are surrounded by an entourage of yes men and schiesters, including some of their family
    • Cam has already started pouting on the sideline when things do not go his way......much like Vince did
    • Cam also has issues earning the respect of his teammates much like Vince did
    Many of these points apply to Leinart as well.

    All star QBs need to learn to deal with adversity sooner or later. It is the final breaking point. They have to earn their way and handle that adversity or they will never make it. Consider the following:
    • Tom Brady -- 6th round draft pick, had to split snaps at Michigan
    • Aaron Rodgers -- Was not heavily recruited out of HS, went to a JC. Had to beat out Ol' Gun Slinger to get his starting position
    • Drew Brees -- Second round pick, first team gave up on him
    • Payton Manning -- As much as a hero as he was in college he still had to deal with getting dummied by Flordia every year -- Remember, you can't spell Ciutrus Bowl without UT
    • Steve McNair -- No major college wanted him as a QB so he went to Alcorn State
    • Ben Roethlesberger -- Another small college guy
    • Kurt Warner -- Too much to list
    • Brett Favre -- Another small college guy who played in a wing-t offense in HS. Had to earn his starting position with his second NFL team
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