Calvin Pace or Odom?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by vslyke, Feb 28, 2008.

Who do you want?

  1. Pace

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  2. Odom

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  3. Both

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  4. Neither

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  1. vslyke

    vslyke In Dinger We Trust

    Who would you rather have Odom or Pace? Odom has better stats but he lines oposite of KVB while Pace has no protection.
  2. At the price they will command on the open market... neither...
  3. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    Never paid much attention to Pace, so I can't say. I won't base an opinion on stats alone, because that's not always much of an opinion. I have seen Justin Smith a decent amount, and although he's basically the opposite of Odom, if he's considerably cheaper, I'd take him.
  4. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow! Tip Jar Donor

    i think pace could be a good secondary option to odom, but odom should be or main focus.
  5. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    As a general rule it seems like guys that stay on their previous team seem to do a little better than guys who change teams. I don't know if it is the system change or what. So unless there is a decent difference in money I'd always prefer to keep the guys we have. How many big money guys go on to be real huge on their next team?
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