Call me overly optimistic, but I think we beat Seattle ...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by edward nigma, Oct 8, 2013.

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    As much as I hate Sherman, I can't hate on Seahawks fans. Its just hard to hate on a team with no rings like us. Not to mention getting robbed by Pitt.
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    My concern at 3-4 is that we'll be allowed 2 more losses only.. yea the schedule is pretty easy but we'll probably lose to Denver & @ Ind.. And then no 'let down' games allowed, which still may include some difficult ones vs Hou, Ind, Arz..

    I just really wanted to go 1-2 with Fitz (beat KC, SEA or SF) so we'd be allowed another loss late in the year.. But 0-3 is looking more likely.

    Don't hate me, I'm just super depressed about last Sunday still.
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    1. I could never hate another titans fan.
    2. I am also pissed about last sunday, more pissed than upset myself.
    3.I agree with your concern about being allowed only two more losses because the afc this year is by far the stronger conference but I think we can make it.
    4. I am more concerned about our game at oakland, the more I watch them the more I see them as a stronger opponent than some like arizona,jax, and st louis.
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    High five dude!!!!

    I thought only Seahawks fans remembered this lol
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    Greetings Titan fans. I haven't read through this thread yet, but wanted to stop by, considering that the Titans visit Seattle this weekend. I'm just going to give my honest thoughts about the upcoming game, recognizing that my outlook may be colored by homerism, though I am actually a fan of the Titans too. And just to say it, it's disappointing that Jake Locker will be on the sidelines for this one. There's still a lot of love for Jake in this area, and I'm sure that the crowd will show it if somehow given the opportunity.

    The thing that stands out most for me is that it's genuinely a tall order to beat the Hawks in Seattle. If HFA is worth 3 points, then HFA in Seattle might be worth double that or more, because the stadium was designed in various ways to reflect noise back onto the field. So all the different ways in which HFA is an advantage gets magnified and amplified at the Clink (or Qwest Stadium now, I can't keep up).

    The Hawks passing game through the first quarter of this season just hasn't been as sharp as it was through the last half of last season. Part of it is that Russell Wilson, typically a very accurate passer, has been sailing some of his throws. The other part is that the O-line has been hobbled with injuries, and Russell has been running around under consistent intense pressure. It doesn't help that Percy Harvin isn't back yet, because he was expected to provide a kind of multiple-threat dimension that would make everyone else that much better, while also opening up opposing defenses.

    The Hawks defense is genuinely solid, but buckled in the second half against the Colts last week, which I believe was due to the offence's inability to establish and sustain momentum. The Hawks uncharacteristically squandered a lot of opportunities especially in the first half-- and then Luck put it together in the fourth quarter. The game was more than winnable, but was not won.

    The Titans D seems much improved this year, but I've missed enough of their game action that I don't know why. In general they probably will have to limit the Hawks running game to give the Titans its best chance to win, because as with every team when the Hawks are moving the ball on the ground, their passing game goes to another level-- and Wilson, even a little off so far this year, only misses so many times.

    It's hard for me to see many scenarios where the Titans win the game if they don't establish their own running game with some consistency. CJ is always a threat to score when he touches the ball, and to me seems always a wild card for that reason. But generally speaking the Hawks absolutely feast on opposing offenses when they are forced to get most of their yards and to move the chains through the air, and especially at the Clink.

    All of that said, I'm expecting the Hawks to win this game. I don't think that Fitzpatrick has the skill set to to handle the Hawks D at the Clink-- and I think that the Hawks offense will be able to score enough points to get the W. Hoping for a good game in any case with no injuries.
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    Csquawks suck
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    fwiw I don't know exactly how quiet the stadium is since most games I see on tv looks like theres jus as much opposing fans as titans fans if not more
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    yea your right our past hasn't been amazing like the amazing shehawks.....
    and because the fact that in the past we weren't amazing then surely we have no chance here
    leave so you stop making these other nice seahawk fans look bad
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    I felt bad for the Seahawks when they got jobbed by Pitt. First it was the TD called back by the holding penalty, then the 3rd and 1 TD that wasn't a TD. I particularly liked Cowher's explanation of how it didn't matter because they would've gone for it on 4th down. I remember thinking, "Look genius, if you didn't make it on third, what makes you think you would get it on 4th." Total BS. **** the Steelers. I don't see us winning in Seattle, but I hope we do.
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    I adopted you guys as my #2 team early last season... it's easy to pull for you guys when you aren't rivals to the Titans. I'm all for the NFC all the time, but now I have a team to root for when the Titans aren't playing, so I enjoy it.

    And I actually like Richard Sherman. He's arrogant, yes. But I think it's more about him getting worked up in the moment. He's a smart guy, and I've heard him speak before and after games very intelligently and respectfully. He's the best in the game, and we might as well forget throwing his way during the game.

    I was cheering for you guys so hard in the playoffs... and I was going insane watching that comeback on the Falcons. It's a shame you didn't pull through. Once the playoffs started, I picked you guys to beat the Broncos in the Super Bowl... both teams held leads with 30 seconds left in their games and kinda blew it. Otherwise, I may have been right. As soon as the Super Bowl ended, I stuck with that prediction for this year, and I think the only team in the NFC that could beat you guys is the Saints. It will all depend on who has homefield advantage, as I'm sure you know.

    All that said, I hope you guys lose 43-0 as GoT predicts.