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    <p><em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em></p> <p>The Colts just announced that Jim Caldwell has filled out his coaching staff, finally making Larry Coyer official as the new defensive coordinator while adding Ray Rychleski as special teams coordinator and adding assistant head coach to the title of wide receivers coach Clyde Christensen.</p> <p>"I am pleased to announce the promotion of Clyde Christensen to assistant head coach, in addition to his role of working with the wide receivers, and I am pleased as well to add Larry Coyer as defensive coordinator and Ray Rychleski as special teams coordinator," Caldwell said in the team's news release. "Many people know the contributions Clyde has made to the organization during the past seven years. He has helped the Colts function as one of the NFL's top offenses. His coaching manner and personal style exemplify the attention to detail and demand for performance we require at all times. I welcome his expanded role with our staff.</p> <p>"Larry and Ray will be valuable additions in key areas for the club. Both have a wealth and wide range of experience that will benefit our players. Larry and Ray have been successful in every stage of their careers, and their talents and input will show in our on-field performance."</p> <p>The announcement shows both newcomers are connected to Caldwell:</p> <blockquote> <p>Coyer and Rychleski each have previous ties to Caldwell. Coyer was the defensive coordinator at Iowa from 1974-77. Caldwell played for the Hawkeyes from 1973-76 and worked there as a graduate assistant in 1977. Rychleski worked with Caldwell on the Penn State staff in 1991, and worked for Caldwell at Wake Forest when the latter was the head coach there from 1993-2000. Rychleski coached defensive line for the Demon Deacons from 1993-95, and also coached linebackers (1996-98) and special teams/tight ends (1999-2000).</p> </blockquote> <p>Coyer spent the last two seasons in Tampa Bay, where he had an assistant head coach title last year. Rychleski was at South Carolina last year, coaching special teams and tight ends.</p>

Thread Status:
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