C. Woodson wants to be Titan?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by AFC46, Feb 27, 2006.

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    All I have to say is Thank God Tony Beckham is gone. he was about as bad as DeRon Jenkins.:ha:
  2. Titanpride

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    Thats why I said this " That being said... their timeline is just as short, just cheaper. "
  3. Gunny

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    well so you did.
  4. Ok, I can weigh in here without it sounding like I am on a personal vendetta or something. Your statement is as fair and positive as a final analysis of performance frame of thinking can be. This of course does not mean that I agree with the analysis that a lot of Titans fans seem to have settled into. Anyone that has paid any attention to my posts will know that I believe Andre is going to bring a stiff challenge to Hill at the upcoming camps for the starting corner spot. I know his work ethic and he is pouring all of his heart and soul into an improvement over last year which wasn't as bad as portrayed by the sentiments of most of the Titans fans on this board perceive. In a losing season, good decent games in losing situations, i.e. Bengals game, Cardinals game, Miami game. Good games for Andre actually, then good winning games vs Baltimore (excellent game) and the Texans (good game - int in this game). Granted, those were teams with sub-par offenses. Ok, all of this was last season, but the finality talk on his career is now. The finality talk of what performance he is going to bring at camp and throughout preseason and next season is now, from fans and Tennessee press. Just remember one thing, regardless of expectations of instant success by all of the hardcore fans and local press, his career is still young. I believe he is going to bring the fire at camp and throughout this season and those who think he will be gone and not offered any kind of new deals after this season, you are welcomed to your thoughts, but I believe in Fisher's values and his pattern concerning corners (meaning, he will have the opportunity for that spot in camp - he simply must perform). He will receive a fair shake and if he shows the improvement that I believe he will show, just be sure to come back and give him his EARNED credit. One thing is guaranteed, if he unseats Hill out of that corner spot, it will be because he earned it and I would hope to see as much support and backing then as I am seeing criticism now. Who am I, just a supportive relative... thats all.
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    Of course Titan fans will support the Titans that goes without saying, Not including Rolltide here as he probably already has a list of 62 better starting corners than the Titans have. Woolfolk wins that corner over Hill or earns the nickle either way I want him to play like an all-pro.
  6. You said it GoT.... To win it backl, he would be playing at all pro level because Hill is pretty good, not all pro yet but almost.... Biggest difference between him (Hill) and Champ Bailey is the tackling skills... They both make plays and they both get beat occasionally.... Yes, even Champ gets beat every now and then. The big difference is the receiver or running back that comes in his area pay a price... Just as Tiki Barber during the pro bowl..... whew....

    i will post that later.... check this out though.... don't know how i missed it back then, but here it is now:


    There is the Vertical leap I always mention, but he should have intercepted it inbounds.... If I remember right he came down with it out of bounds.... Anyway that was a great play on the ball in a bad game for us.... The whole defense was RAN over by Willie Parker that day.
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    Fisher did not have the team ready on opening day.

    At least this was a road game and I did not have to sit thru the debacle.

    Embarassing the way the D laid down. O was no better and ST well who cares the O and D stunk
  8. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    how did you miss it???:ha:

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    Awww, doesn't Lamont look so athletic in that photo?

    Anyway, I went to the game and I was all excited. I was wearing my jersey all proud. Well, by the third quarter I was ready to sneak out of my jersey and slink away in total shame! It was total shock and disbelief.

    Needless to say, the only good thing about the Steeler game was the food and the shopping:sad2:
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    I guess LT was never told the ball comes from the other end of the field.
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