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    Running back Chris Johnson picked up 14 yards on his first two carries, but wound up with just 15 carries for 21 yards – a 1.4 average. It appeared the Jets were stacking the tackle box to stop the Titans’ running attack.

    “We knew they were going to try do to that,” Johnson said of the Jets, who had the NFL’s fourth-ranked defense going into the game. “They had a really good front seven and they had a lot of guys up there. It seemed like they were just giving us one-on-ones on the outside, so we took advantage of that.”

    Jackie Battle saw plenty of action in the second half, finishing with 11 carries for 42 yards.

    “We had the game – the game was won,” Johnson said of sitting out a few series. “We’d lost Jake (Locker) already. Coach just didn’t want to take the chance on losing me also.”

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