C.J. credits offensive line after 141-yard outing

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    HOUSTON No one with the Titans was willing to say Chris Johnson is back after his performance against the Texans, but the signs were encouraging. The running back rushed for 141 yards on 25 carries, providing one of the few positives for the Titans in a 38-14 defeat.

    “Yeah, it was a pretty good game, running the ball or whatever,” Johnson said. “I feel like my offensive line went out there and did a great job from the first snap. Just getting up on guys, pushing those guys back, recreating the line of scrimmage and just giving me somewhere to run. Like I’ve been saying all year, I’m going to be as good as my offensive line.”

    Through the first three games, Johnson had 45 yards on 33 carries, an average of 1.4 per attempt. He averaged 5.6 yards per attempt against the Texans and had his longest gain of the season with a 19-yard burst. It was his first 100-yard game since last December, when he gained 153 yards against the Bills.

    “No matter what’s going on, no matter what the situation, I want to go out there every game and be the best player I can be. It’s a situation that we know we have a good offense and we just to have execute the plays and things like that,” Johnson said. “I think today helped us to take a step. I wouldn’t just say we ultimately solved the problem, but I feel like we took a good step and hopefully we continue to get better.”

    Source: Titans Insider
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    It was nice of the writer too translate from :cj: into American English

    I heard the interview - the reporter was kind too the mini-diva
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    The titans once won a few games by running the ball. Without a stellar defense, passing seems to be the normal way to win these days.Positive runs seem to help set up long pass plays. But I would think in 2012 it would be most useful when a team is a couple scores ahead and needs to burn clock time and wear down a defense.
  4. TheSureThing

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    as he should. I've been saying all along that the success of CJ and the success of the O-Line are directly correlated.

    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor


    From where I was sitting the O-Line looked pretty much the same as in weeks 1, 2, and 3. The biggest difference I saw was in the RB. LeRoy Harris is still a scrub, so IDK WTF CJ is blabbing about.

    This week CJ looked decisive, and attacked holes. Even made some of his own holes.

    This guy needs to own up to the fact HE sucked the past 3 games. Stop saying it's the line, cause it's more the RB than the line.
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    "I'm only going to be as good as my O-line."

    Translation: Blame them when I have a bad game.
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    oh man - lol

    :cj: totally threw the OL under the bus and there was zero talk from mini-diva about his OL when he was holding out for playmaker money
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    We have to love CJ because he was the only thing that made the Titans relevant 3 years ago.
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    This is true, which might be why I'm so quick to think he may be back to being the guy we need him to be.

    Running strong on Houston even in a loss is an accomplishment.

    His ass needs to be saying I ran like a man on a mission, I stopped being a b*tch and took the little seams and ripped them for bigger gains.

    I'm watching McCoy do his thing vs the Giants right now, and thats how CJ looked today. Like an experienced veteran. A little slower, but still made things happen.
  10. Scarecrow

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    Doubtful, I think we are in for another frustrating season with CJ with a spec of good games here and there.
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