Bye Week

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How do you see the final nine games going for the Titans?

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  1. Roscoes Wetsuit

    Roscoes Wetsuit Starter

    As bad he may look, he's still got the job done against an offense who can only score field goals.

    So he will be fine when he plays the Titans.
  2. kenny

    kenny Starter

    I will be honest. As bad as our offense has been; I do not see us beating the Texans this year. They killed us the 1st game.

    We usually split w/ the Jags every year & we won the 1st game. They are making plays now. I will be shocked if we beat them.

    The Colts game was a pretty good game for us..... However, the week after we beat them thoroughly; our HC decided it was best to go completely away from that kind of game plan. So I fully expect us to try our best to run head long into 8-10 men boxes. Then only pass on 3rd & long when we are in obvious passing situations. That is more of the Mularkey way. The way that puts us in very close, hard to win games. I do not have faith in this coaching staff to do the right thing; to get the win.

    Can we beat these teams w/ the talent we have?? Honestly, yes we absolutely can. I believe what a reporter said: We have the pieces in place to be an offensive juggernaut. (Yeah, he is a ****** reporter; but he is right about that.) I also believe that we cannot count on this staff to utilize that talent well enough to win..... I hate the fact that we have all this young talent on our roster; and it is going to waste!
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  3. kenny

    kenny Starter

    We have a very good Oline. We have a great QB that I believe is good enough to carry the team as a Franchise QB. He has proven in games that he can win from the pocket & with his legs; if the coaching staff plans ways for it to happen. We finally have a WR (Davis) that I think can be a true WR1. A good slot WR in Taylor, and a very good WR2 in Matthews. We have one of the best TEs in the league; no question IMO. This offense should be plain DOMINANT!

    Our defense still needs a lot of work IMO. The Dline is not achieving what it can. Casey is not the man he was this year. DeQaun Jones is what he is; average. We do not have a good NT right now. Our OLBers are aging; but still are not doing what they can do... Rak had 10 sacks last year. Morgan had 9 sacks. Woodyard is playing above his norm. He has been very good this year IMO. Williamson on the other hand is playing below his norm; which was below average IMO. Jackson is going to be a solid CB. Not a super star; but not a liability, which is an improvement in our secondary. Byard is a special player in the making..... Ryan is not great; and is not playing up to his pay rate IMO. I wish he was playing much better. I am not saying he is not playing adequate. He is playing adequate. I just think he should be playing better than adequate for what he is making.

    Long story shorter.... We need to invest A LOT in the defense VERY SOON. This off season should be Defense, Defense, Defense!!!! We should invest in defense in FA & the draft. Hopefully invest better than we did this year. Not bottom of the barrel guys; real defensive play makers. I know that's asking for a lot from this team........