Bye week means healing time for McCarthy

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    The Titans are hoping the bye week will aid the healing process of middle linebacker Colin McCarthy, who suffered a high-ankle sprain in the season opener and is still not at 100 percent.

    McCarthy had to leave yesterday’s game at the end of the first quarter after aggravating the ankle injury, but he returned a couple of plays later and took a Ryan Tannehill interception 47 yards into the end zone.

    McCarthy finished the game with three tackles (including one for loss), one interception and one pass defensed.

    “(The bye week) should help him,” Titans coach Mike Munchak said. “I thought (against Miami) he probably felt a lot better than he had the last two games. He played better, made plays in this game, even though he had a scare there where he thought he reinjured it. I think this (break) helps him a lot because he’s got a lot of nagging stuff.”

    At least three other Titans – safety Al Afalava (ankle), linebacker Xavier Adibi (knee) and tackle Byron Stingily (back) – are expected to remain in Nashville during the break for treatment.

    Running back Jamie Harper turned an ankle during the game and was limping in the locker room on Monday, but Munchak said the injury is not believed to be too serious.

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    We need the whole year to help McCarthy and his injury concerns.
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