Bud Adams: Making us look like we’re a tough team to play against again

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Mar 17, 2013.


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    This isn't about Reinfeldt, it's about Webster, dude is a star GM.

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    2 years isnt that long my friend, we never extended Griffin with the intentions of keeping him beyond 2013. Just look how Griffin's contract was structured, it makes it easy to get out of in the 3rd year.
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    We all know about the legendary Titans rookie greats, then sophomore slumps. So we'll see how good last year's class really was. Webster did about the same thing that ANY one of us would have done. He hasn't shown to be really competent yet. He's plugged in holes that any Xbox GM could have figured out. He is just more ballsy than others we've had. We'll see how much that translates into wins. Redskins are perennial offseason champs.

    Reese, Bill Polian looked like great GMs for a while too. But I am hopeful for the first time in a few years, so that is something.
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    I think he does. I think if we lose again. Munchak and his crew will all be gone. The new guy can keep whoever he wants but usually brings in all new guys. When Fisher got canned, the GM didnt change
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