Bud Adams: Making us look like we’re a tough team to play against again

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Mar 17, 2013.

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    Titans owner Bud Adams talked to Wyatt about big free-agent spending and playoff hopes. Said Adams: “We have to get the players we know can perform and make us look like we’re a tough team to play against again.”

    The first ten years the team existed 1999 through 2008 we went 101-70 and had six playoff appearances,two AFC championship appearances and one super bowl appearance and had the league's best record twice.The year we celebrated our tenth anniversary where all the players wore the patches that had 10 on them was 2008 and we went 13-3 that year with the best record in the league.From 1999 through 2003 no team won more games during that five year stretch than the Tennessee Titans.Pretty much ever year we were in the hunt except a couple seasons where we had cap issues but we bounced back and during these years we did have Floyd Reese running things but say what you will he did bring in some top notch talent and kept us competing and thats something that Mike Reinfeldt struggled to do and thats keep this team in the winning column.

    I think one thing that was wrong with Reinfeldt was he was too conservative as the last four years here from 2009-2012 clearly shows and the team quit bringing in really good players and sat on their hands in free agency time after time.I don't know if Bud Adams finally realized we weren't as competitive as we used to be but i think at one time we were always one of the toughest teams in the league and that evaporated over the last few years and i think he takes enough pride in this team to realize we used to always be competitive and maybe him and Reinfeldt being too frugal and worrying about the bottom line cost us the last few years because sometimes you got to spend money and stock your roster with talent to get results which is something Adams did when Floyd Reese was running things.

    Before 2009 we were in the hunt pretty much every season except for a couple seasons where we went through some cap issues.But we never had a long stretch as right now these last four years with no playoffs and only one season where we barely went above .500 and i think that got Adams attention and he realized we haven't been in contention for a good while now.I'm hoping Ruston Webster will be better in his role as GM than Mike Reinfeldt and so far it looks like he is because the vaults are finally open again and this team is going to be much better by bringing in more talent in free agency and being active and making the team better.As Bud Adams said maybe now that we've gotten some good players in here that can play we will be a tough team to play once again.

    I'm thinking his decision to be active in free agency and stock the team with more talent plus having some good players brought in through the draft this team will be back to being tough and competitive and hopefully in 2013 we will be competing for the division and a spot in the postseason.

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    About damn time. Ready to be a contender every year again.
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  3. Fry

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    Doing what he's supposed to do. He shouldn't get a high-five for that.
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  4. mike75

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    Well i do pin quite a bit of that on Reinfeldt because i think not only was he a conservative GM he was way too conservative.It is hard to stay in contention while other teams are picking up quality players especially through free agency and then he waits and grabs players like Shaun Smith and Barrett Ruud and lots if these players don't really do much.2009-2012 were clearly down years in this franchise and hopefully thing will get turned around.Hopefully this GM Ruston Webster will be more willing to become a player in free agency and get us some great talent through the draft.
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    If this team flops this year and the coaching staff is cleaned out... Does Webster keep his job?
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    I would hope he would keep it.Webster did his job.

    He brought in Levitre who i don't think Reinfeldt would've been able to seal the deal with not to mention bringing in a TE who will quite possibly be better utilized than Cook plus Sammie Lee Hill who was pretty good in Detroit but was stuck behind on the depth chart.We also got a running back who will get those 3rd and 2's and turn them into first downs which is something C.J. had big problems with was the short yardage and it killed drives where it will now extend them because we have a bigger back to insert on those plays.A lot of things we had problems with last year will be fixed with the players we brought in.
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    He should, it would be a mistake to send him packing with Munchak. Given a few years, I don't have any doubt that he could build a very talent laden roster.
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    I would say so, Webster's really done this one year.
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    Look at Webster's two years here.

    Four out of nine picks in 2011 have become full-time starters with a fifth being a significant addition to special teams(Locker, Ayers, Casey, McCarthy and Campbell).

    In 2012 three out of seven played significant snaps as rookies and a fourth got more time later in the season(Wright, Brown, Martin and Sensabaugh).

    8/18 selections are contributing. Jury is still out on Locker. If Locker hits that a 50% success rate.

    His first free agency period was hampered by Bud Adams chasing his golden goose. His second he worked his plan to perfection.

    I think he's assembled a team that has a chance to win. Whether it does or not depends on the coaching staff.
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  10. The Playmaker

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    I would feel a lot better with a different coaching staff but I am interested to see the offense with Loggains at OC (with a full off season) and Williams here to help the defense.
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